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    Type 8203 - pH- and ORP-probes

    Product Image Type 8203

    The depiction of the products may differ from the actual specific design.

    Please consider the technical attributes and Data Sheets.

    Type Description

    A probe Type 8203 is inserted into a Bürkert pH or ORP meter, which is a modular device designed for the measurement of: ● the pH in clean liquids or liquids containing solids, sulphides or proteins. ● the oxidation-reduction potential in clean liquids or liquids containing solids, sulphides or proteins which may present low conductivity. The probes of Type 8203 are available in various models: ● for pH - PLASTRODE pH 120 mm - FLATRODE pH 120 mm - LOGOTRODE pH 120 mm - UNITRODE PLUS pH 120 mm - CERATRODE pH 120 mm - FERMTRODE VP pH 120 mm ● for ORP - FLATRODE ORP 120 mm - LOGOTRODE ORP 120 mm - UNITRODE PLUS ORP 120 mm

    • For many different types of installations and applications
    • Large selection of probe for a wide range of holder
    • Useable for pipe DN 15…DN 200

    For selecting the correct product please refer to the technical data, images and notes for proper use according to the data sheet.


    Data Sheets

    Language / Country
    DTS Type 8203 data sheet | pH and ORP probes 1.9 MB EN / EU
    DTS Type 8200 data sheet | armatures for analytical probes 2.9 MB EN / EU
    DTS Typ 8203 Datenblatt | pH- und ORP-Sonden 1.9 MB DE / DE
    DTS Type 8203 fiche technique | Sonde de pH ou de potentiel d'oxydo-réduction (Redox) 1.1 MB FR / FR
    DTS Typ 8200 Datenblatt | Armaturen für Analysesonden 2.9 MB DE / DE
    DTS Type 8200 fiche technique | Supports pour sondes d’analyse 2.9 MB FR / FR

    User Manuals

    Language / Country
    MAN Operating Instructions type 8203 | pH probes and Redox probes 213.1 kB EN / EU
    MAN Bedienungsanleitung Typ 8203 | pH- oder Redoxpotential-Sonden 223 kB DE / DE
    MAN Manuel d'utilisation type 8203 | Sondes de pH et sondes de potentiel d'oxydoréduction 231.7 kB FR / FR
    MAN Návod k obsluze Typ 8203 | Sonda pH nebo redoxního potenciál 212 kB CS / CZ

    Declaration of Conformity

    Language / Country
    ABD EU-DoC|EU Declaration 25 kB EN,FR,DE
    ABD MDec|Food CERATRODE 418319 400.1 kB ML
    ABD MDec|Food FERMTRODE 561727 229.3 kB ML
    ABD EU-DoC|EU Material Compliance 40.2 kB EN
    ABD EU-DoC|EU Material Compliance 41.7 kB FR
    ABD EU-DoC|EU Material Compliance 40.9 kB DE