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    Type 6527 - 5/2-way solenoid valve for pneumatic applications

    Product Image Type 6527

    The depiction of the products may differ from the actual specific design.

    Please consider the technical attributes and Data Sheets.

    Type Description

    The valves Type 6527 consist of a pilot rocker solenoid valve Type 6106 and a pneumatic seat valve. The action principle allows the switching of high pressures combined with low power consumption and short switching times. The valves are extendable and, with plug connection to the rear, can be preferably used on valve islands (Types 8640 or 8644) or, with tag connectors to the front, on valve blocks for activating pneumatic actuators. All the pilot valves are equipped with manual override as standard.

    • Compact valve
    • Fast switching times
    • Low power consumption
    • Rocker pilot in DC

    For selecting the correct product please refer to the technical data, images and notes for proper use according to the data sheet.


    Data Sheets

    Language / Country
    DTS Type 8640 data sheet | modular pneumatic valve island for AirLINE and AirLINE Quick 6.4 MB EN / EU
    DTS Type 6527 data sheet | solenoid valve for pneumatic applications 635.5 kB EN / EU
    DTS Typ 8640 Datenblatt | modulare Ventilinseln für AirLINE und Pneumatik 6.4 MB DE / DE
    DTS Typ 6527 Datenblatt | Magnetventil für Pneumatikanwendungen 640.8 kB DE / DE

    User Manuals

    Language / Country
    MAN Manual de instrucciones Type 6526, 6527 | Válvula magnética de 3/2 o 5/2 pasos 213.3 kB EN,ES / ES
    MAN Operating Instructions Type AC21 | Solenoid coil | PTB 01 ATEX 2175 1.1 MB EN / EU
    MAN Operating instructions Type 6526 ,6527 | 3/2- or 5/2-way solenoid valve for pneumatic syst 212.5 kB EN / EU
    MAN Safety Manual | Valves, Positioner | Version - 597.8 kB EN / EU
    MAN 使用说明书 AC21 型电磁线圈 | 具有 II 2G EX i 认证的设备 | PTB 01 ATEX 2175 1.6 MB ZH / CN
    MAN Bedienungsanleitung Typ 6526, 6527 | 3/2- bzw. 5/2-Wege-Magnetventil für Pneumatik 212.9 kB DE / DE
    MAN Bedienungsanleitung Typ AC21 |Magnetspule | PTB 01 ATEX 2175 1.1 MB DE / DE
    MAN Manuel d'utilisation Type AC21 | Bobine magnetique | PTB 01 ATEX 2175 1.1 MB FR / FR
    MAN Notice d'utilisation Type 6526,6527 | Electrovanne 3/2 resp.5/2 voies pour pneumatique 213.3 kB FR / FR

    Declaration of Conformity

    Language / Country
    ABD EU-DoC|EU Declaration 1.9 MB EN,FR,DE
    ABD EU-DoC|EU Material Compliance RoHS-Manufacturer declaration 220.6 kB EN
    ABD EU-DoC|EU Material Compliance RoHS-Déclaration du fabricant 30.9 kB FR
    ABD EU-DoC|EU Material Compliance RoHS-Herstellererklärung 651.5 kB DE
    ABD ProdCert|Ex Cert EAC TP TC 012/2011 EX 7.8 MB RU

    Functional Safety

    Language / Country
    ABD ProdCert|Safety 6524 etc. Exida FMEDA 906.8 kB EN
    ABD ProdCert|Safety Exida Zertifikat SIL 108.1 kB EN