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4/2-way-pneumatic valve

Type 5420 / Article No. 134626

Technical attributes

4/2 - G - normally open - inlet port 1 (P) connected with outlet port 2 (B), o utlet port 4 (A) connected with exhaust port 3 (R) | 3,00 mm | Inner thread | Aluminium | 24,00 V - 24,00 V | 2,50 bar - 10,00 bar | -10,00 °C - 60,00 °C | 150,00 l/min

Fluidic port connection number
Valve function number of switching positions
Valve function
Valve function manual actuation
Valve function manual actuation type
Rotary level and Key button combined
Valve function manual actuation material
PA (Polyamide)
Valve function manual actuation stop
Valve function manual actuation screw slot
Valve island setup
Add-on dimension 1
33 mm
Process Connection Type/Size
Supply connection diameter (inch)
1/8 inch
Supply connection type
Inner thread
Supply connection thread type
Working connection type
Threaded connection system
Working connection diameter (mm)
6 mm
Working connection threaded connection system
Hose threaded connection
Working connection position
opposite of supply side
Working connection material
PA (Polyamide)
Voltage / Frequency
Voltage min / rated voltage
24 V
Voltage max / rated voltage
24 V
AC voltage
DC voltage
Battery voltage


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