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Mass Flow Meter

Type 8756 / Article No. 379885

Technical attributes

Meter | H2O | 25,00kg/h | 24 V DC | Double clamping ring fitting - Not relevant6 mm

Media & Calibration
Mounting position
Work area medium 1
Unit medium 1
Reference medium 1
Calibration pressure medium 1 at Qnom
Units for pressure specifications
bar (ü)
Measuring or control range
M006 depends on flow rate
Process Connection Type/Size
Port connection 1 DN
6 mm
Port connection 1 type
Double clamping ring fitting
Port connection 1 standard
Not relevant
Port connection 2 DN
6 mm
Port connection 2 type
Double clamping ring fitting
Port connection 2 standard
Not relevant
Voltage / Frequency
Supply voltage
24 V DC
Power consumption according to UL61010-1
4 W
Typical electrical power consumption
4 W


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