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  • EtherNet/IP – fast, reliable and Ethernet based communication for automating your plant

    EtherNet/IP provides an advanced method of networking by collecting real-time data which can be used for enhancing your production processes. While using standard Ethernet, it enables continuity between the office network and the plant being controlled.

Your benefits with EtherNet/IP:

  • High speed data transmission
  • Easy connectivity through an integrated switch
  • Seamless integration into control systems without additional network components
  • Higher plant availability due to integrated redundancy protocols like DLR
  • Simultaneous control, configuration and collection of data

Device Integration & Certification:

  • EDS files, EDS-AOPs, AOPs and certificates can be obtained from the download area of each product
  • Bürkert EtherNet/IP devices are tested and certified by official laboratories accredited by the ODVA
  • In addition, we perform thorough device testing in our Fieldbus Test Center before each product release

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