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    ✓ Easy connectivity through an integrated switch
    ✓ Seamless integration into control systems with a direct PROFINET connection
    ✓ Higher operational safety and availability via integrated redundancy protocols like MRP
    ✓ Transparent access to data through standard web technologies
    ✓ Detailed and precise diagnostic capabilities

  • EtherNet/IP

    ✓ High speed data transmission
    ✓ Easy connectivity through an integrated switch
    ✓ Seamless integration into control systems without additional network components
    ✓ Higher plant availability due to integrated redundancy protocols like DLR
    ✓ Simultaneous control, configuration and collection of data

  • EDIP

    ✓ Digital interface in every field device
    ✓ Reduced commissioning effort and planning
    ✓ Integration into higher level control systems through robust multiprotocol gateways
    ✓ Simple device exchange via intelligent data storage concepts (Configuration Provider)
    ✓ Advanced device diagnostics based on NAMUR NE107
    ✓ Decentralized intelligence by integrated graphical programming

  • IO-Link

    ✓ Simple installation and integration in higher level automation systems
    ✓ Reduced cabling effort via standardized connectors
    ✓ Plug-and-produce device exchange
    ✓ Access to advanced diagnostic data

  • ASi

    ✓ Simple and quick installation
    ✓ Reduced cabling effort via the piercing technology
    ✓ Data and power on one cable
    ✓ Free selection of network topology
    ✓ Integration into higher level of fieldbuses via gateways or network couplers

  • Software

    ✓ Configuration, parameterisation and diagnostics of EDIP devices / networks
    ✓ Easy and comfortable mapping of cyclic values
    ✓ Graphical display of process values
    ✓ Device firmware updates
    ✓ Backup and restoring of device configurations

  • Accessories

Industrial Communication

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