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The future of contactless flow measurement: Type 8098 FLOWave

Tried and tested in the industry for years, innovative and reliable: optimise your flow measurement with the hygienic Type 8098 FLOWave flowmeter by Bürkert and take your industrial processes in pharmaceutical and biotechnology, and the food and beverage industry, to a new level!


Bürkert has developed and produced sensors for over 40 years

Tried and tested

Thousands of FLOWave flowmeters installed in the field


Hundreds of customers trust FLOWave

Game changer for the pharmaceutical and food industry

Are you looking for faster and more reliable processes, in order to maximise the output and performance of your skids, system or machine? With the FLOWave flow sensor, you won’t just reduce the time for installation and maintenance, monitor multiple parameters with one device and avoid unnecessary waste – you’ll also benefit from more compact sizes and hygienic and wear-free operation!

Diverse flow measurement for fluids for your process

The use of FLOWave is predestined for rigorous hygiene requirements such as within the pharmaceuticals and food industries. Its extremely hygienic design and application of an innovative measurement principle result in completely new possibilities for contactless flow measurement and optimisation of your processes!

Whether it is the manufacturing and distribution of WFI, pharma water or ultra-pure water, cleaning processes (CIP) as well as filling processes for fluids (also including non-conductive media such as alcohol) or even edible oils. Take advantage of the benefits that FLOWave can give you for your pharmaceutical or food production processes!

Overview: The FLOWave flow sensor provides you with the following benefits

  • Diagram comparing Coriolis and FLOWave space requirements

    Compact and lightweight design

  • Diagram of FLOWave multi-parameter measurement

    Various measured values

  • Diagram of FLOWave diagnostic function

    Repeatable detection of media changes

  • Diagram FLOWave Hygienic design

    Hygienic and easy to clean

The measuring principle: contactless flow measurement with SAW technology

The functionality of FLOWave is based on patented technology for the inline flow measurement of liquids: Using surface acoustic waves (SAW) it is possible to detect various parameters for the fluid to be measured - completely free of sensor elements that come into contact with the media and is even suitable for non-conductive media!

Enjoy the following advantages

Simpler installation & more compact systems

You are significantly more flexible with an up to 95% lower weight and 47% reduced size, compared to Coriolis flowmeters!

Quicker and more efficient processes

Thanks to repeatable and precise recognition of media changes, you’ll shorten cleaning cycles and reduce waste by up to 66%!

Maintenance-free flow measurement

No sensor elements in the measurement tube in contact with media – 0% wear. No hygiene compromises either, and even suitable for measuring non-conductive media!

Reduced weight – reduced material usage – reduced environmental impact

Lower weight means reduced material usage and improved resource efficiency. As less stainless steel is required for the manufacture of FLOWave sensors then there are benefits regarding the CO2 profile of the device.

Due to the reduced thermal mas, you also benefit from faster heating and cooling times, meaning that processes are accelerated whilst also offering energy-saving potential for CIP/SIP processes, such as steam sterilisation. Ultimately, the productivity of your machines and systems increases - whether CIP, reverse osmosis (RO) or filtration skids.

Tried-and-tested technology: be inspired by impressed FLOWave users from your industry!

  • FLOWave in Application

    Customer reference: L.B. Bohle

    “When it comes to FLOWave no maintenance is required, which reduces operating costs dramatically”, says a technician at L.B. Bohle Maschinen + Verfahren GmbH

    Project: Continuous detection and monitoring of cleaning water and the temperature for the universal pharmaceutical cleaning system within a compact control cabinet.

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  • FLOWave in Application

    Customer reference: KJB Water & Process Engineering

    “In terms of installation, the process is significantly less complicated when using a FLOWave device as it can be mounted in any orientation and its compact design makes it easy to integrate into the overall design of the plant.”

    Dr Corby Lee, Technical Consultant at KJB Water & Process Engineering

    Project: Flow measurement of ultra-pure water with extremely low conductivity

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  • Customer reference: Leading manufacturer of infusions

    “FLOWave is not just a flowmeter, but a completely unique instrument for quality assurance. “I never would have thought that we could actually gain filling time.”

    Project engineer for a leading German supplier of infusions, clinical nutrition, pharmaceuticals and medical products from Hesse in Germany.

    Project: Installation of the FLOWave flowmeter in the supply line of a filling system for infusion bags.

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  • FLOWave in Application

    Customer reference: Veranova

    „FLOWave is really compact, and a key benefit is that it’s hygienic and easy to clean, giving confidence that no residue is left behind. This enables us to use multiple fluids down the same line, and FLOWave can be calibrated specifically for each type of liquid, providing the accuracy we need.“

    Richard Bell, Senior Project Process Engineer at Veranova


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  • FLOWave Flowmeter in Application

    Customer reference: Dr. Kurt Wolff

    “Thanks to the SAW flow meter our waste from the mixed phases has been reduced by more than two thirds. We produce much more efficiently and also save on wastewater treatment. We are very much impressed with the sound and, above all, efficient collaboration with Bürkert”, says Nils Gorowicz, product engineer at Dr. Kurt Wolff

    Project: Fast and highly accurate detection of media changes to precisely distinguish between the product, cleaning medium and their mixing phases.

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  • FLOWave in Application

    Customer reference: Weihenstephan Research Centre

    “We’re saving so much time now. None of us have to stand near the system to operate the pump at regular intervals anymore during the sparging process, which lasts for about two hours.”

    Weihenstephan Research Centre

    Project: modernisation and automation of the pilot brewery

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Type 8098 FLOWave flowmeter in detail

Hygienic design – inside and outside
Avoid process risks and contaminations thanks to contactless measurement without any fittings in contact with media. In addition, a self-draining design without any dead spaces, and maximum surface and material quality (316L/1.4435 stainless steel) of the straight measurement tube enable simple and efficient cleaning and sterilisation.
Maximum flexibility
Sleek system design (small design and low weight below 10 kg) and simple transport and installation, thanks to compact size and light weight. Individual adjustment to suit your needs as well, thanks to variable installation positions, and flexible transmitter and display configurations.
Digital communication
Optimal process monitoring, transparency and system integration, thanks to directly integrated and certified digital communication protocols, such as PROFINET and EtherNet/IP. Other communication options possible, thanks to fully compatible multi-protocol gateways.
More efficient processes
No fittings, and therefore no pressure loss, mean faster flow velocities and smaller pumps for supplying media (lower energy costs). FLOWave also recognises media changes quickly and precisely, which shortens cleaning/sterilisation processes, minimises scrap and increases the time available for the production of your end product.
Multi-parameter measurement
As well as volume and mass flow measurement (incl. totalizer function) FLOWave provides information on flow velocity, density and temperature. The device also offers functions that allow information to be obtained about the state or type of medium: for example, for gas bubble, particle and media change recognition – all in one device. You’ll benefit from device/asset management and save unnecessary additional devices.
Innovative measuring principle
The measurement tube won’t need any parts, thanks to patented and tried-and-tested SAW technology! You won’t need to think about topics such as pressure drop, tightness, material incompatibilities, cleanliness, dead spaces, spare parts or maintenance costs any more.
Robust & industrial-suited
Standard structure as full stainless steel valve body, impact and scratch-resistant display, insensitive to vibrations and CIP/SIP compatible. Maximum resistance to chemicals/cleaning media.
Diagnostics and parameterisation
The LED illuminated ring makes the device status according to NAMUR visible from a distance. All adjustments can also be made free-of-charge via the Bürkert “Communicator” software tool, which can be used with multiple devices, and device and media statuses recorded and documented.
Certified and traceable
All relevant certifications for the food and pharmaceutical sector (3-A, EHEDG, ASME BPE, FDA, EAC, UL, EG1935/2004 and/or 2023/2006, MTBF, CRN, ATEX Zone II, IECEx Zone II, ADI/TSE/BSE free, USP Class VI, acceptance inspection certificate 3.1 according to EN10204)

Industrial sensor expertise has a home – The FLOWave production site

Decades of experience in manufacturing and developing sensors: like other sensors, our Type 8098 FLOWave also hails from the Alsatian plant in Triembach au Val. The flowmeter is produced and continuously developed here. As part of the sustainability project 203ZER0, we pay particular attention to resource-saving, sustainable and energy-efficient framework conditions – including for the newest extension building“In the future, the new areas will be used for development and production of the FLOWave flowmeter. [...] The new buildings and the technologies used will markedly reduce Bürkert’s CO2 footprint", explains Patrick Reimeringer, Managing Director of Bürkert France.

Your benefits at a glance

Choose FLOWave and benefit from …

✓ simple installation and commissioning

✓ optimal machine and system design

✓ minimal maintenance

✓ more streamlined device / asset management

✓ reduced production waste

✓ digital communications

Optimise your process efficiency, reliability and productivity with FLOWave.

Interested? You’ll find more details on the FLOWave flowmeter here!

You’ll find more technical details, such as information on the measuring range, available sizes and DNs, repeatability as well as available approvals and certificates, on our product detail page:

Type 8098

FLOWave SAW flowmeter

Type 8098
  • No obstacles inside the measuring tube, compact, lightweight and low energy consumption
  • Conforms to hygienic requirements, CIP/SIP compatible
  • Ideal for liquids with low or no conductivity
  • Digital communication, parameterisation via Communicator, display
  • Optional: ATEX/IECEx certification, II 3G/D


Learn more about FLOWave and its advantages in CIP, WFI and edible oil applications: