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Diaphragm valves

Combining superior design, leading automation concepts and professional project handling


Benefit from

  • individual valve configuration
  • increased diaphragm lifetimes
  • reduced operation costs
  • most suitable automation solution

In the pure world of hygienic, diaphragm valves are essential for safe and reliable production. In order to ensure sterile and non-contaminated products it is important to rely on high quality diaphragm valves  designed according to your use case. That is why Bürkert offers a broad range of diaphragm valve solutions (control, on/off and hygienic speciality valves) to fit your individual needs. Configure your valves from the very best ingredients of actuator, diaphragm and body from a single source with proven Bürkert quality. Choose the innovative Tube Valve Body for example and regain production time due to shorter heat-ups and cool-downs. You can combine it with your desired diaphragm and actuator.

Configure your valve from the best ingredients

Increased diaphragm lifetimes and less energy consumption

Bürkert diaphragm valves support you achieving your economic targets. Due to optimized geometries in our forged bodies the flow coefficient is up to 35% higher than the industry average (see Kv values in illustration). This leads to less pressure needed to push liquids through the valves and to an increased diaphragm lifetime. Furthermore, it makes smaller pumps with less energy consumption sufficient. So increase your flow with Bürkert’s diaphragm and save operation costs.

Leading automation concepts

With the decision for the right valves there is also the choice on how to install, actuate and automate them. Bürkert as an expert for automation concepts is able to provide independent consulting by individually evaluating your specific plant situation and assessing the concept’s advantages. Each different part and section of the process, down to device level, has its specific requirements. Consequently, an intelligent selection of the available automation concepts will provide the best results for you. In order to achieve this goal, Bürkert is deploying three equally important automation approaches in parallel:

Be assured that our diaphragm valves and automation know-how, no matter the challenge, provides added value for you.

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Diaphragm Competence

Diaphragm competence for hygienic applications

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