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The heart of the control cabinet solutions – our valve islands

High-performance valve islands are an essential part of process automation.


The ready-to-mount control cabinet solution Type 8614 can be equipped with a valve island. A broad range of options ensures that the ideal valve island for a wide variety of needs is available to choose:

  • Direct integration into the Siemens peripheral system: Full software integration into the Siemens process control system PCS7 (AirLINE valve island Type 8644, 8647).
  • Fast diagnostics or feedback directly to the device and to the central controller: Clear text and symbol display above the pilot valve (AirLINE valve island Type 8647, 8652).
  • Valves with hot swap support: Can be replaced during operation without shutting the installation down or affecting the neighbouring valves.
  • Additional safety function: Check valves in bleed duct. These prevent valves from being accidentally enabled by pressure peaks in the bleed duct, thus eliminating media mixing.
  • The AirLINE Quick base plate allows direct installation of the valve island in the control cabinet floor or wall..

Further information about our valve islands is available here.

Type 8652

AirLINE - the valve island optimised for process automation

Type 8652
  • Safety-related shut-off of valves possible
  • Easy diagnostics via LC display
  • Process reliability through pneumatic functions
  • Optimised for installation at the bottom of the control cabinet
  • Explosion-proof variants according to ATEX / IECEx Zone 2

Type 8640

Customized Pneumatic Systems Solutions for the Processing Industries

Type 8640
  • Compact design
  • Modular configuration
  • Higher flexibility in control cabinet due to AirLINE Quick
  • Simple exchange of valves (with option “P-shut-off” – also possible during operation)

Type 8647

AirLINE SP – electropneumatic automation system

Type 8647
  • Direct connection to the I/O systems SIMATIC ET 200SP and SIMATIC ET 200SP HA
  • Integration in Siemens PCS7 possible
  • Combination of fieldbus, pilot valves and I/O modules
  • Easy diagnostics by LC display
  • Safety-related shut-off of valves possible

Type 8644

Remote Process Actuation Control System AirLINE

Type 8644
  • Innovative fieldbus interface
  • Combination of Fieldbus, pilot valves and I/O modules
  • High flexibility
  • Compact design
  • High flow rate

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