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Fruit syrup production process is sweeter thanks to smart valve control from Bürkert

Decentralized control valves and fieldbus communication for production process optimisation at Teisseire

Type 8681
Control Head for hygienic process valves

Your benefits:

  • Simplified planning, integration and maintenance thanks to a holistic fluidic concept
  • Faster switching times and lower compressed air consumption
  • Hygienic design thanks to minimized dead spaces
  • Optimized resource utilization for the customer

The project scope was to introduce a new fluid control system which would accommodate third party control valves but also provide fieldbus communications. The objective: to improve the management of the production line and reduce the stock levels held for maintenance.

"We selected the Bürkert products as the best solution to improve our production process and the support we received from the commercial and technical teams has made the installation and commisssioning of the new system very efficient."
- Stéphane Gonin, Automation and Electrical Maintenance Manager, Teisseire

Teisseire has been producing concentrated fruit syrups and soft drinks since the 1920s and is today the leading producer of these products in France. Teisseire invested heavily in process engineering to optimize processes, with Bürkert contributing one of the latest innovations to improve process integration and performance.

Decentralized valve control with control heads

Bürkert's Type 8681 control head has become the key element that completely changes the way process valves are operated and controlled in the factory. No more compressed air lines to the control cabinets, but intelligent fieldbus technology that increases both the reliability and efficiency of the production line.

Type 8681

Control head for decentralized automation of hygienic process valves

Type 8681
  • Universal attachment for hygienic process valves
  • Contactless position measurement system with 3 switching points (Teach-In function)
  • Coloured status display
  • Manual override operative with closed housing
  • AS-Interface, IO-Link, büS/CANopen

Advantages of decentralized automation

Compared to the old system at Teisseire, the new, decentralised system offers a number of advantages. Mounting the actuators directly on the control valves reduces both the length and the total number of connections. The result: Planning, installation and maintenance are significantly simplified. The significantly shorter lines minimize switching times and compressed air consumption. This has a positive effect on operational reliability. Read the whole success story now. Simply download the flyer.