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Individual system solutions for vending machines. The dosage has to be right for the best quality!


Vending – beverage vending machines and coffee machines

Vending machines that deliver refreshing cold drinks, fragrant coffee creations or a hot broth at the touch of a button are becoming increasingly popular, not only for snacks in businesses and offices, but also in schools, universities, museums, gas stations, supermarkets and public places. In order to ensure the customer’s satisfaction, the dosage has to be correct. In addition, the technology has to work reliably and the design of the machines must be appealing. At the same time, there are more and more different flavours to serve.

Service-friendly solenoid valves for fully automatic coffee machines

The production and maintenance of fully automatic coffee machines presents you with several challenges. In cooperation with leading manufacturers, we have developed a solenoid valve series for you that meets your requirements. Whether tool-free installation and service or long life cycles.

Find out how we support you in the area of fully automatic coffee machines.

Solenoid valves for fully automatic coffee machines: Easy installation and quick maintenanceSolenoid valves for fully automatic coffee machines: Easy installation and quick maintenance

In close cooperation with leading manufacturers of fully automatic coffee machines, Bürkert has developed its new solenoid valve series. From the very beginning, the life cycle and level of service of the fully automatic machines and the valve have been paramount in the new development. This allowed the experience gained from the installation, operation and service of machine manufacturers to be incorporated into the development of the new solenoid valves. In addition to the technical data, great attention was therefore paid to optimal installation and safe maintenance during operation. The new valve series is set apart by its trend-setting service concept.

Standard valve and system solutions for beverage vending machines

Thanks to decades of experience and extensive application know-how, Bürkert can offer market-driven solutions for this purpose – from standard valves to complete system solutions for sophisticated hot or cold mixed drinks. The most subtle aroma gradations can be dosed just as precisely as larger quantities. Based on standard components, different functions can be realised, regardless of whether automatic dosing is required for steam or automatic mixing for liquids.

Certified, easy to clean and compact

Vending machines for drinks, coffee, broth or other food not only place high demands on function, but also on hygiene. The various valves or valve blocks are therefore certified in accordance with regulations on drinking water, beverages and food. Its design with minimal dead space reduces adhesion and allows for easy cleaning. In addition, practical mounting options and compact dimensions are provided. As a result, vending system solutions from Bürkert can be easily integrated into the machines, even if there is not much free space.

Bürkert products in vending machines

The consistent quality of food and beverage requires a high level of hygiene and cleanliness as well as consistently maintaining the appropriate temperature for the beverage in question. Bürkert products provide an optimal response to these high requirements with a wide range of food and drinking water authorisations. The following valves are specifically designed for vending applications on the basis of the materials used. Some of the products listed below are also available with a plastic valve body.

Type 6011

Plunger valve 2/2 way direct-acting

Type 6011
  • Direct-acting and compact small-format valve with diameter of up to DN 2.4
  • Screwed coil system
  • Simple and quick flange or manifold installation
  • Quick coupling (push-in fitting) for plug-in hose connections

Type 6012

Plunger valve 3/2 way direct-acting

Type 6012
  • Direct-acting, compact small-format valve with diameter of up to DN 1.6
  • Screwed coil system
  • Banjo threaded connection for direct mounting on pneumatic valves
  • Simple and quick push-in, flange, or manifold installation
  • Service-friendly manual override

Type 6628

2/2 or 3/2 way TwinPower Rocker-Solenoid Valve with separating diaphragm

Type 6628
  • 22 mm ultra compact design with orifices up to DN 3.0
  • Isolating diaphragm for high chemical resistance
  • Circuit function NC, NO and 3 way universal
  • Back pressure tightness via rocker principle
  • Minimal internal volume with excellent cleanability

Type 2861

Direct-acting 2-way basic proportional valve

Type 2861
  • High dynamics
  • Orifice sizes DN 0.8 ... 2.0 mm
  • Good range

Type 2871

Direct-acting 2-way standard solenoid control valve

Type 2871
  • Excellent range
  • Very good response
  • Compact valve design
  • Orifice sizes 0.05 ... 2.0 mm
  • Port connection 1/8” or sub-base

Application example for our system solution competence