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Precise hydrogen peroxide dosage in chemical disinfection

It is crucial to exclude contamination during the production of pharmaceutical products. Chemical disinfection processes play an important role in this regard. But how do you dose the disinfectant correctly, ensuring the disinfection process runs efficiently and reliably? And how do you monitor and document the process in view of increasingly strict hygiene regulations? Discover how Bürkert can help you achieve reliable and efficient chemical disinfection.

The conventional solution and its weaknesses

In conventional disinfection units, a simple peristaltic pump doses hydrogen peroxide (H2O2). Speeds and dosing quantities are fixed and cannot be re-adjusted. Furthermore, there is no way to effectively monitor the disinfection process and to quickly identify errors.

H2O2 tank
On/off solenoid valve
Hot surface
Air heater
H2O2 p pm Sensor

The Bürkert system solution for reliable and efficient disinfection processes

The Bürkert system solution consists primarily of a liquid flow controller (LFC), a mass flow controller (MFC) and a high-precision stainless steel mixing nozzle for hygienic applications. Hydrogen peroxide and air are optimally mixed to form a fine aerosol, thereby ensuring reliable and uniform inactivation in the disinfection chamber.

The hydrogen peroxide (H2O2) is delivered in a pressurised tank system.
The Type 8719 Liquid Flow Controller (LFC) controls the H2O2 supply.
MFC Type 8746
In the mixing distributor with a two-substance nozzle, hydrogen peroxide is atomised at a high air speed and under intensive turbulence to form a very fine aerosol.
This aerosol in the main air flow can now be fed into the disinfection chamber – and can be heated if required.
Option B
If you need an even higher resolution and absolute accuracy or want to dispense with calibration for various media. Link to 8756 (Coriolis)

The advantages of the Bürkert system solution:


How the Bürkert system solution saves you time and money

The Bürkert system solution reaches the required concentration level faster and allows disinfection to start sooner. Our example calculation shows that you can shorten your disinfection process by up to 20% in each individual cycle. Download our brochure and learn more about the potential savings you can make with the Bürkert system solution.