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Fluidic solutions for stationary fuel cell technology

Stationary fuel cells such as the Solid Oxide Fuel Cell (SOFC) or the Proton Exchange Membrane Fuel Cell (PEMFC) efficiently convert chemical energy from hydrogen into electrical energy and are used as reliable energy sources in various applications, including buildings and ships. Reformer systems are used so that fuel gases or fuels can also be used as media instead of pure hydrogen. In stationary fuel cells, armature – i.e. the management of gas and liquid flows – is an important aspect in ensuring efficient and reliable power generation. 

As an armature specialist, Bürkert is the ideal partner at your side. See for yourself!

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What is important in fluidic control, and how does it help with issues such as safety and increasing the efficiency of stationary fuel cells?

Using fuel cells to generate power and heat in buildings or on ships requires fuel gases to be handled safely. Air and gas control in stationary fuel cells therefore requires precise control for maximum efficiency. The components used must be suitable for the necessary safety and comply with national approvals. Energy-efficient and material-compliant solutions are required to guarantee optimum overall efficiency and the durability of the fuel cell.


Bürkert solutions impress users with their low power consumption and durability. The high number of switching cycles and long maintenance intervals mean they contribute to the efficient utilisation of the stationary fuel cell. Our products are suitable for use with fuel gases, are already suitable for later use with hydrogen and have the necessary approvals.

Bürkert solutions take into account the balance of plant

Durable and low maintenance

Energy-efficient and reduction of actuator power

Bürkert competences for stationary fuel cells

Careful planning and control of the armature in stationary fuel cells is crucial to maximise efficiency, extend service life and ensure reliability. The exact design of the armature may vary depending on the fuel cell technology (e.g. PEMFC, SOFC) and application.

Safe control and regulation of fuel gas
Safe shut-off of fuel gas
Shut-off of cathode air
Shut-off of cathode air


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Safe shut-off of fuel gas or hydrogen

The safe shut-off of fuel gases or hydrogen is a fundamental function for stationary fuel cells. Precise control and reliable shut-off mechanisms means that our valves not only ensure reliable operation of the fuel cell, but also make a significant contribution to the safety and stability of the entire fuel cell system. This is particularly important in order to minimise potential risks such as leaks or uncontrolled gas release and therefore enable smooth and safe use in various stationary applications. This ensures compliance with legal regulations and safety standards.

Solenoid shut-off valve for fuel gas and hydrogen

Type 6027

Direct-acting 2/2-way plunger valve

Type 6027
  • Direct-acting, powerful valve with diameter of up to DN13
  • Vibration-proof, bolted coil system
  • Energy-saving double coil technology with kick and drop variant
  • Explosion proof versions
  • High pressure variants for gases and liquids
Type 6240

Servo-assisted 2/2-way piston valve

Type 6240
  • Servo-assisted and compact piston valve with diameter of up to DN 13
  • Vibration-resistant , screwed coil system
  • Energy-saving double coil technology with kick and drop variant
  • Safe opening with hard-coupled piston system
  • Explosion proof versions


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Safe control and regulation of fuel gas or 
hydrogen and cathode air controller

Safely controlling and regulating fuel gases, especially hydrogen, and cathode air are key functions for stationary fuel cells. Precise control not only enables efficient operation of the fuel cell, but also ensures optimum performance and durability. The functions help to prevent undesirable chemical reactions and therefore ensure reliable protection against wear and lasting operational safety.

Proportional solenoid valves for fuel gas

Type 2875

Direct-acting 2 way standard solenoid control valve

Type 2875
  • Excellent range
  • Very good response
  • Compact valve design
  • Orifice sizes 2...9.5 mm
  • Optional: Explosion-protected coil
Type 6020

Direct-acting 2-way proportional valve

Type 6020
  • Proportional valve for use in flow or pressure control loops
  • Integrated shut-off function with reliably high tightness
  • Excellent sensitivity and turn-down ratio
  • Available as subbase or cartridge variant for simple system integration
  • Protection class IP65 or IP6K9K with automotive connector


Proportional motor valves for cathode air

Type 3285

Electromotive 2-way globe proportional valve

Type 3285
  • Actuator isolated from flow path
  • Excellent range and fast response times
  • Low power consumption
  • Connection orifice DN 15...25
  • Variants: standard, positioner, process controller

All fluidic solutions for your stationary fuel cells

An overview of Bürkert solutions and much more interesting information can be found in our comprehensive hydrogen catalogue. Go to the video here.

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