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Continuous, precisely regulated nutrient supply in a bioreactor

A bioreactor’s purpose is to provide the greatest possible product yield. To do this, it requires precise regulation of all important parameters like nutrient concentration, temperature or oxygen content to optimally support fermentation. Learn how you can use customised valve and sensor solutions for secure, reproducible processes in your fermenters.

Challenges of the fermentation process

Substrates are continuously fed into the bioreactor in a continuous fermentation process, and the yield product is extracted continuously. A closed control loop ensures that the parameters to be regulated always correspond exactly to the specified set-point values as closely as possible. There are a few challenges here:

Gas exhaust
Nutrient supply
Cell harvesting
Biological material
35 °C – 37 °C (ideal growth temperature)
Biocatalysts (cells or enzymes)
Nutrient solution
Flow control
Gas supply: Four gases are used in the fermentation process: oxygen O₂, nitrogen N₂, carbon dioxide CO₂ and air. To ensure optimum product growth, they need to be controlled properly.

Challenges and problems of conventional solutions

Regulating bioreactors safely, quickly and automatically with customised systems

Only when all control loops function perfectly can your machinery ensure efficient production processes and high-quality end products. Valve dimensioning and control loop design are often complex and time-consuming. First, use our valve design tool to get an overview of which valve solution is possible for your fermentation process. We will then be happy to provide you with personal consultation and will compile perfectly selected and dimensioned products for you.

Alternatively, we offer you complete system solutions that reduce your engineering and production process workload – with automation, if you desire. Speak with our experts directly!

Gas supply
Flow control
Gas exhaust
Bellows valve including ELEMENT positioner
FLOWave Type 8098
Nutrient solution

The advantages of the Bürkert system solution:

Save on installation space and weight

In conventional solutions, the total weight of the two components that control nutrient solution feeds into bioreactors is around 18.5 kg, assuming a DN of ½“ each. By contrast, the total weight of the Bürkert solutions with the same DN is only 4.4 kg. Bürkert’s local control loop can thus save about 14 kg. The solution also requires much less installation space, which results in more flexible system concepts, shorter installation times and lower machine costs.


                                      Conventional solution                                                                    Bürkert solution

Grafische Darstellung Coriolis-Messgerät und Regelventil links, FLOWave und Faltenbalgventil inklusive ELEMENT-Positioner rechts, Darstellung des Platzbedarfs über transparent wirkende Kuben, Platzbedarf in Zahlen
Chemical Resistance ChartChemical Resistance Chart

The Bürkert resistApp helps you identify compatible materials and compiles information for you about the chemical resistance of elastomers, plastics and metals for a large number of gaseous and liquid media.