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Wort Aeration System

Our beer wort aeration system regulates the oxygen supply safely and precisely.

Your benefit

  • Perfect yeast attenuation levels while preserving harvest viability
  • Product consistency, stability and great taste
  • Precise and simple to operate, plug and play ready
  • Rapid return of capital investment

Today, manually controlled aerators in many shapes are the standard in practically every brewery. Brewers read off the required oxygen or air supply by means of bubbles in the sight glass. However, this method is not exactly controllable and can lead to product and time losses in extreme cases.

The results of our beer wort aeration system

Optimally coordinated processes for the best taste

The beer wort aeration system ensures perfectly matched yeast quantities through the precisely dosed supply of pure oxygen into the boiled or cooled wort - all while maintaining the harvestability of the yeast cultures. The brewery product benefits in consistency, stability and taste due to the ideal degree of fermentation during start-up.

Plug & Play - precise, flexible and ready for use quickly

Our beer wort aeration system is not only good for beer, it also takes some of the brewer's worries away! In contrast to the usually very simple, manual wort aeration systems, the Bürkert system is precise and easy to operate. In contrast to complex, integrated systems, the Bürkert solution is immediately ready to go: Plug & Play.
It can be used both as a stand-alone solution and for integration into existing automation systems. Bürkert's beer wort aeration system prevents product and time losses, pays for itself very quickly and optimizes production capacities.

Wort aeration

Automation of beer wort aeration pays off!

The automated system brings improvements in yeast harvesting, it can also increase overall productivity and prevent additional costs due to excessive yeast addition. At the same time, the professional and time-consuming training effort can be reduced to a minimum.

Operators of traditional wort aeration systems are entering a dramatically changed brewing landscape with the Bürkert system - with an aeration process that is finally 100% reproducible and 100% reliable. The result: always the same aroma and an unchanged high quality.

Wort Aeration System

Technical Details:



  • Media-contacting parts in stainless steel

System case

  • IP 65 / 66

Capacity range

  • 2 – 10 mg O2/l
  • 1 – 1500 hl/h cold wort flow rate
  • The system can be adjusted for all capacity ranges; customized applications are also available on request


  • Air
  • Oxygen

Type 8619

multiCELL - multi-channel/multi-function transmitter/controller

Type 8619
  • Compatible with most common flow, pH/ORP, chlorine and conductivity sensors
  • Simple, intuitive user interface with a large adjustable backlit graphics display (4 user defined views)
  • Hardware extension possibilities (up to 6 free slots)
  • Industrial Ethernet (Modbus TCP, PROFINET or EtherNet/IP) option available
  • Functionality extendable by software options

Why you can rely on our solution

Great taste, high vitality of harvested yeast and a quickly profitable investment - many good reasons for our beer wort aeration system! But there is another point besides these obvious ones: A brewery that reliably ensures high quality and taste can bind its customers with a popular beer brand in the long term. We support you in this and make your plant more profitable! Further information can be found in the flyer. Contact us for a non-binding personal consultation.