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All bio pharmaceutical production under control

Like many sectors, the pharmaceutical industry is also undergoing digital change. Medicines have to be manufactured in ever faster time-to-market cycles, and pharmaceutical plants have to work more efficiently, more sustainably and more intelligently. Without jeopardising the highly sensitive process reliability.


We make ideas flow: our well-established project teams, dedicated consultants and qualified industry specialists develop the tailor-made fluid solution that is exactly right for your system, thereby improving productivity and efficiency. Our intelligently networked components and solutions optimise your processes at sensor and actuator level and can be easily integrated into the networks of common manufacturers. Our technology creates smooth transitions, individually tailored to your needs.

Bürkert system and automation solutions have therefore been used successfully in the pharmaceutical industry for decades and meet all hygienic requirements.

 Whether individual components such as aseptic valves or entire systems – we support you in reducing the risk of contamination in your fluidic systems, increasing the hygiene level and optimising high-tech processes. We pay attention to the use of renewable energies in our own development and production. In addition, our solutions contribute to more sustainable processes by increasing production efficiency and enabling energy savings.

Cell and Microorganism Cultures in Bioreactors and FermentersCell and Microorganism Cultures in Bioreactors and Fermenters

Unlike plant-based medicines, being prepared pharmaceutically from medicinal plants, and classic drugs produced chemically-synthetically, biopharmaceuticals’ production is more intricate: The complex molecules are biotechnologically produced using living organisms (bacteria, yeasts, as well as human, animal, and plant cells) – involving high technological effort. The heart of every biopharmaceutical process is the bioreactor or fermenter. High process safety, yield, and product quality are of utmost importance, and controlling the growth conditions is crucial. Find out how to optimise these in our white paper. 

Pharma 4.0

Our systems drive the digitisation of production processes in the pharmaceutical, healthcare and life science sectors. To do this, we adjust the process automation and device networking in order to optimise diagnostic, start-up or maintenance processes.

Extensive pharmaceutical expertise

Whatever media are fermented, filtered, separated or bottled in your systems – our fluid control experts and dedicated consultants develop needs-based and application-related systems for your company.

Everything from a single source

We offer you concepts from a single source with reliable delivery performance. This is because we think comprehensively and therefore of everything: a high level of vertical integration, optimally coordinated components for complete solutions, construction and approval of control cabinets in-house and a large portfolio of valves, sensors and controllers.

Suitable solutions for numerous pharmaceutical process steps

We would be happy to advise you on the specifications of your systems and the corresponding processes. Talk to us or use the contact form for a non-binding consultation.

The requirement: Ensure consistent conditions and exact dosing of media.
The Bürkert solution: Valves, sensors, mass flow controllers for precise, automated and efficient control in a hygienic environment.
The requirement: The extraction of high-purity media under sterile conditions Process conditions.
The Bürkert solution: For safe chromatography processes, we not only supply Robolux valves with minimum dead space, but also comprehensively designed Block solutions.
The requirement: Regulate flow velocity.
The Bürkert solution: Our electromotive diaphragm valves enable high control quality. In addition, we offer complete control cabinet systems with state-of-the-art technologies for seamless integration into higher-level systems Controls/networks.
Pharma water
The requirement: Make WFI and pure steam available quickly and easily.
The Bürkert solution: With the FLOWave flowmeter, we have developed a measuring device that, thanks to SAW technology, enables process monitoring and diagnostics in real time – even with media with low conductivity.
Filling & Packaging
The requirement: Fill exact quantities quickly and safely.
The Bürkert solution: The FLOWave multi-parameter flowmeter quickly detects media changes and prevents possible contamination with cleaning agents.
The requirement: Clean and sterilise product contact surfaces in hygienic devices, pipelines or components.
The Bürkert solution: Our valve islands for CIP and SIP processes can be seamlessly integrated into existing process control systems from leading manufacturers, thereby enabling the automation of process valves.

Measurably safe, measurably efficient

Movable parts


The measurement tube in the FLOWave flow meter is completely free of any parts that come into contact with the medium, apart from the tube itself.

With Robolux save up to


of dead space volume in chromatography and therefore reduce the risk of product mixing.

Up to


increased flow coefficient for diaphragm valve bodies than the industry average for increased diaphragm service life and reduced energy consumption.

Bürkert Systemhaus – always open for your requirements

As an engineer you know: Sophisticated and viable results are complex and take time. Use the know-how of our fluid control specialists to act more efficiently. We listen, analyse and develop future-oriented products and systems until they are ready for series production. You and your projects are always welcome in the Systemhaus - on site, by telephone or virtually.

  • Manufacturing ideas

    Experienced consultants, qualified industry specialists and dedicated engineers work directly with you to develop a solution for your project-specific requirement. Thanks to our network of five Systemhaus locations in Germany, China and the US, you can rely on flexible and efficient project management – from the initial idea to the implementation of solutions for the pharmaceutical industry.

    Directly to Systemhaus

Measuring, controlling, regulating – our highlights for the pharmaceutical industry

Type 2036

Robolux multiway diaphragm valve, pneumatically operated

Type 2036
  • Extremely compact and space-saving design
  • Reduced installation costs
  • Reduced number of valves and welds

Type 8742

Mass flow controller (MFC)/ mass flow meter (MFM) for gases

Type 8742
  • Nominal flow ranges from 0.010 l/min to 160 l/min
  • Highest measuring accuracy and repeatability with very fast response times
  • Long-term stability of the flow calibration
  • Easy device exchange due to configuration memory
  • Optional: ATEX II Cat. 3G/D or USP Class VI, FDA, EC 1935 conformity


From practice: Fluid solutions for the pharmaceutical industry

Find out more about our products and solutions – or speak directly to our experts.