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Modern fluid control in dental technology – compact, diverse and reliable

With the growing global demand for dental treatments, the number of manufacturers of dental devices is also growing. The key to being one step ahead of the competition as a manufacturer lies in offering more dentist’s chair functions or a more innovative design.

Bürkert will support you in this with customised system solutions (e.g. media intake unit, water and air control units, or instrument control units) that reduce installation space and offer additional functionality. At the same time, these system solutions will reduce your total costs and narrow your supply chain.


Dentists desire more operating comfort and more extensive functions. This increases the complexity of the fluidics of a dentist’s chair. At the same time, innovative constructions are making available installation space smaller and smaller. The wide product portfolio by Bürkert creates the basis for system solutions that meet these requirements here.

Supply chains are becoming more and more complex. The Bürkert system solutions are fully installed, individually tested in accordance with your requirements and available from the warehouse. We will therefore support you in reducing your development, purchasing, installation and logistics processes to a minimum.

The regulations and standards for developing, cleaning and operating medical devices are becoming more and more complex and require the relevant documentation. As a reliable partner, we will support you in this process, supply extensive documents for our systems and can also perform tests in accordance with your requirements.

We have acquired expert knowledge in the dental sector, together with our customers, in over 30 years. We incorporate this experience today into our standard systems, or through individual development partnerships into your dental treatment units or devices for retreating dental instruments.

Modular construction

Our standard system has a modular design. The individual partial systems for controlling the water and air supply can also be used individually. This does not affect the reliability of the solution in question.

System expertise

Controlling water and air is essential in every dentist’s chair. The standardised media input unit by Bürkert reliably and efficiently controls the flow of liquids and gases.


We listen to you, understand your fluidic challenge and will develop a compact solution for your device together with you.



Precise solutions for your dental devices

We also analyse processes – because as fluidics experts, we develop the right solution for your device, from customised components to individually tailored systems – find out more with a non-binding consultation.

Media supply
The requirement: Reliable control and regulation of the water and air supply.
The Bürkert solution: With our compact system, we have developed a modular media intake unit that can be easily adjusted to meet requirements and significantly reduces manufacturers’ development costs. The integration of air and water management into one component reduces complexity and means less logistical expenditure in the installation of the treatment unit. The maintenance of the media intake unit is also made much easier. For example, it is designed for droplet-free filter changing.
Water treatment and sterilisation
The requirement: Precise regulation of the required water quality during dental treatment.
The Bürkert solution: The water unit is a complete water treatment and sterilisation unit, which provides the whole treatment unit with different water qualities at different pressures and flow rates. The water unit separates the treatment unit from the public drinking water supply, which meets the applicable national standards and guidelines: an integrated air gap ensures that no water from the sterilisation circuit can be sucked back into the domestic water supply. If the local drinking water does not meet the specifications, the required quality can be directly manufactured in our water treatment unit by adding H2O2.
Controlling media in devices for retreating dental instruments
The requirement: compact, long-lasting and functionally safe control of steam and oils
The Bürkert solution: we have been offering solutions for fluid control in dental sterilisers for over 10 years. The newest generation of our on/off valves Type 7011 and 7012 permanently increases functional safety in devices for retreating dental instruments, with steam up to 140°C. Based on our application knowledge and core expertise in plastic injection moulding, we offer compact fluidics solutions for flushing, oiling and disinfecting dental instruments.
Dental instrument control
The requirement: Exact flow control of quantities of water and air in dental instruments.
The Bürkert solution: Our customers have depended upon the on/off and proportional valves by Bürkert for decades when installing their dentists’ chairs. Our highly integrated and modular systems combine excellent quality and performance. These solutions increase functionality and reduce total costs and sizes.

Bürkert Systemhaus – always open for fluidics technology requirements in dental technology

The development of precision devices in modern dental technology is expensive and takes time. Rely on the expertise of our fluidics specialists and operate more efficiently. We listen, analyse and develop future-oriented products and customer-specific application solutions until they are ready for series production. You and your projects are always welcome in the Systemhaus – on site, by telephone or virtually.

Control gases and water reliably and precisely – a selection of our products for dental devices


Type 5110

Media Supply Unit

Type 5110
  • Compact and modular system
  • Simple maintenance
  • Integrated filter
  • Media can be controlled individually and precisely
  • Easy to scale and can be lined up or stacked in any order

Type 7011

Direct-acting 2/2-way plunger valve

Type 7011
  • Direct-acting and compact small valve up to DN 2.4
  • Slipped over coil system
  • Simple and fast flange or manifold mounting
  • Quick coupling (push-in fitting) for push-in connectors
  • Explosion-proof variants

Type 6724

2/2 or 3/2-way Whisper Valve with media separation

Type 6724
  • Highest chemical resistance
  • Compact design with 8.9 mm installation width
  • DN 0.8 mm (vacuum up to 5 bar) and 1.2 mm (vacuum up to 3 bar)
  • Very fast, almost silent switching with < 20 dB (A) and very low power consumption
  • High back-pressure tightness, excellent cleanability and 100% duty cycle

From practice – our solutions in dental technology

Find out more about our products and solutions – or speak directly to our experts.