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Bürkert Systemhaus – where tangible and measurable added value awaits

Customised solutions? Everyone offers those! But are they also demonstrably creative, quick, reliable, integrated and economical? Not everyone manages that.

The added values that our Systemhaus offers you.

  • Avoiding unnecessary information losses and saving valuable time
    thanks to interdisciplinary cooperation between Bürkert experts

For system customers, Bürkert is not only a developer of fluidic solutions, but also an expert in mechanical production, pump technology, coil production, plastics technology and welding technology. We are also tool-makers, hardware and software developers, switch/plant engineers, project managers and much more. Furthermore, we handle all issues relating to worldwide certification. Providing customer-specific services not only means developing bespoke products, but also covering the associated production and logistics processes. The fact alone that you do not need to work with different subcontractors on the project delivers significant time-savings and reduces the number of interfaces substantially.

  • True originality for the perfect technical solution
    thanks to wide-ranging industry and application Expertise

Our way of thinking and working in the application-based segments Water, Gas, Hygienic and Micro rather than in terms of sectors may seem unusual at first. However, it enables us to fully immerse ourselves in your world and opens up opportunities for you to access surprising new and individual solutions that far exceed the industry standard. It makes no difference whether this involves water dispensers, dialysis equipment, the ink management in printing systems or solutions for exhaust gas aftertreatment. The very fact that we work in very different application areas promotes the transfer of knowledge and the originality of technical Solutions.

  • Remarkable time and cost savings
    with the help of industry-specific technology platforms

Realise individual solutions quickly and economically - system platforms make it possible.
In many cases, a customer enquiry is the starting point for a system platform. Platform developments are interesting, for example, if they can solve customer problems across a wide range of industries and applications using the same basic physical principle. Whether I dose oxygen into a fish farm or aerate the wort in a brewing process – the technology is the same in principle. A gas is dosed into a fluid. In this way, an existing platform can serve as a basis on which to create a customised solution quickly and economically – significantly reducing your time to market and cutting costs as a result.

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