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Valve clusters for a wide range of fluidic tasks in pharmaceutical grinding plants

As a manufacturer of pharmaceutical grinding systems, shredding systems and their infrastructure, hygiene is your top priority. Complex designs and a lack of fluidic control automation can often make residue-free cleaning more difficult. At the same time, the space requirement is large and the installation is extremely complex. Find out here how you can save money, space and time with modular valve clusters from Bürkert. 

  • Grafische Darstellung verschiedener pharmazeutischer Produkte
  • Grafische Darstellung einer pharmazeutischen Mahlanlage, eines Schaltschrankes, darin Einheit aus verschweißten Ventilknoten mit drei Ventilen, Verrohrung; der Ventilknoten als Detail herausgehoben
  • Grafische Darstellung mit Gegenüberstellung des Raumbedarfs: links drei Ventile mit konventioneller Verrohrung, großer Kubus; rechts Einheit aus verschweißtem Ventilknoten mit drei Ventilen, kleiner Kubus
  • Grafische Darstellung mit Gegenüberstellung: links Einheit aus verschweißtem Ventilknoten mit drei Ventilen, rechts Explosionszeichnung Ventil mit mehrteiliger konventioneller Verrohrung
  • Fotografische Darstellung einer Pneumatikeinheit bestehend aus Ventilknoten und drei Ventilen

Conventional solutions and their weaknesses

Grinding systems in the pharmaceutical and biotech industries crush and mix granulates. When conveying product pneumatically, the system should optimally distribute carrier gases with appropriate volume flows and pressures. Correct grinder cleaning is just as important: Process gases have to be perfectly controlled in order to completely remove residues. This can otherwise lead to cross-contamination and incorrect batches.

Control cabinet
Outgoing goods
Pharmaceutical grinding plant

Your Bürkert system solution for fluidics tasks in pharmaceutical grinding plants

Whether you use process gases like carbon dioxide and nitrogen to distribute media, or aim for 100% cleaning without process residues – automated and extremely space-saving fluidic units take on all of your important tasks. To do this, we adapt them individually to suit your requirements. Thanks to a long service life, convenient maintenance and easy troubleshooting, the system solutions simplify your processes. Incidentally, the materials used are chemically resistant and conform to ATEX guidelines and pharmaceutical standards.

Starting from a feed inlet, the valve cluster combined with pressure regulators and control valves distributes process gases to various points in the grinding plant
Valve cluster
takes over pneumatic pressure and vacuum conveying, inerting, preservation and rinsing.
Type 8840 for distributing process gases in granulating and grinding plants.

We design your fluid solution based on your needs

  • No fittings
  • No piping
  • No leakage
  • Smaller installation space

Versatile and adaptable to your requirements

In your grinding and granulating systems, there are many different tasks involved including pneumatic pressure and vacuum conveyance, inerting, preservation and rinsing as well as distributing cleaning fluids. Starting with the Bürkert modular standard products kit, we then expand the system with exactly the actuators and sensors you need. The welded unit takes on a large number of tasks and still stays compact. The advantages are clear: You receive a customised complete solution and save installation space.

Bürkert valve cluster: Modular and compact fluidic control

A ready-to-install fluidic solution for all your cleaning tasks? This is exactly what the Type 8840 modular valve platform offers. It fits into your system via plug-and-play to save space. Then it reliably mixes and distributes the cleaning fluids. With the help of individual sensors, it helps to monitor your processes and measures, for example, flow, pressure or temperature. The unit can also communicate with your existing infrastructure as well as deliver and save the necessary data. 

Pneumatic CLASSIC
Pneumatic CLASSIC stainless steel
Pneumatic ELEMENT
Stainless Steel

Type 8840 – the intelligent fluidics solution for controlling process gases promotes and cleans as needed

Bürkert helps you regulate your process gases with different volume flows and pressures as required. To do this, the modular Bürkert  Type 8840 platform combines sensors and actuators depending on your requirements. Another argument for the space-saving solution: The welded system guarantees residue-free cleaning of your system, even when using liquids.

How a compact fluidic system drastically reduces your space requirements

Conventional fluidic systems often take up a lot of space and thus increase the space requirements of the overall system. In addition, the complex piping often leads to leaks. At Bürkert, we develop fluidic solutions that work safely in the smallest of spaces. The following calculation example shows what this can look like:

                            Conventional fluidic system                                                   Bürkert valve platform

Grafische Darstellung mit Gegenüberstellung des Raumbedarfs: links drei Ventile mit konventioneller Verrohrung, großer Kubus; rechts Einheit aus verschweißtem Ventilknoten mit drei Ventilen, kleiner Kubus; Kantenmaße der Kuben, Volumina 132.000 gegenüber 33.500 Kubikzentimeter – reduzierter Platzbedarf bis zu 75%, Symbol Balkendiagramm mit ansteigender Kennlinie

➝ Up to 75 percent less space required compared to conventional fluidic systems


Type 8840

Modular process valve cluster - distributor and collector

Type 8840
  • Valve cluster ready for installation
  • Compact design without any potential leakage
  • No assembly effort
  • No piping between the valves needed
  • Trusted actuators for simple automation