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Valve cluster for liquid distribution during filling system cleaning processes

Precise media control is important when constructing beverage bottling and industrial cleaning systems. This is the only way to guarantee residue-free cleaning. Bürkert valve clusters simplify this task: The welded systems are leakage-free and can be modularly adapted to your systems. With Bürkert you’ll need about one-third less space than conventional solutions. Find out more about it on these pages.

  • Grafische Darstellung verschiedener Getränkebehälter
  • Grafische Darstellung einer Anlage zur Reinigung von KEG; Symbol Uhr
  • Grafische Darstellung mit Gegenüberstellung des Raumbedarfs: links Einheit aus verschweißtem Ventilknoten mit drei Ventilen, kleiner Kubus; rechts drei Ventile mit kleinteiliger Verrohrung, großer Kubus
  • Grafische Darstellung mit Gegenüberstellung: links Einheit aus verschweißtem Ventilknoten mit drei Ventilen, rechts drei Ventile mit kleinteiliger Verrohrung, dort erkennbare Leckagen
  • Fotografie eines Ventilknotens Typ 8840 von Bürkert mit drei Ventilen


Water, chemicals or even gases such as CO₂ are used to clean filling systems or KEG containers. The cleaning unit materials and seals should therefore be designed to be compatible with the cleaning media. Otherwise there is a risk of leaks and thus expensive production downtimes. The construction requires high levels of engineering and fluidics know-how. Procuring, installing and testing the components is also time-consuming. All in all, you as a system manufacturer are challenged logistically as well as in terms of time and money.

Conventional piping
Many sealing points
Cleaning process

Filling system and KEG cleaning made easy

Regardless of whether you are cleaning or filling: the media must be distributed, collected, mixed and fed. The modular Type 8840 valve cluster reliably takes on these tasks. It is resistant to chemicals and has the approvals for the food industry. Its hygienic design with minimal dead spaces is easy to clean. We adapt the DNs flexibly depending on the volumes used. To avoid dangerous pressure surges, the valve clusters have the flow direction below the seat. Intelligent control heads in the actuators allow simple, decentralised automation. 


Type 8840 for distributing, collecting, mixing and feeding liquids:

Grafische Darstellung einer Anlage zur Reinigung von KEG mit Förderband, Ventilen und Rohren, herausgehobenes Detail Einheit aus verschweißtem Ventilknoten mit drei Ventilen; Symbol Uhr, grafische Darstellung von 20 Stück KEGs

The modular valve cluster assumes all these tasks:

  • Distributing: Starting from one feed, the valve cluster distributes the medium to several consumers.
  • Collecting: The valve cluster can collect the medium from several consumers.
  • Mixing: The valve cluster mixes different media as required, for example hot and cold water or chemicals.
  • Feeding: The valve cluster can, for example, alternately feed different cleaning media to a consumer.

We design your fluidics solution according to your needs

  • No fittings
  • No piping
  • No leakage
  • Smaller installation space

Individualised valve platform based on your requirements 

At Bürkert you determine the result: Thanks to countless configuration options, we can adapt your system no matter how many types of media you want to mix, distribute or feed to individual consumers in your filling or cleaning systems. The actuator also depends on your requirements. On request, we can expand the valve platform with control valves, sensors, specific pipe routing or other accessories. You will receive the finished system pre-welded and tested. You can insert it directly into your system like a standard solution.

Bürkert valve cluster: Modular and compact fluidic control

A ready-to-install fluidic solution for all cleaning tasks? This is exactly what the Type 8840 modular valve platform offers. It fits into your system via plug-and-play to save space. Then it reliably mixes and distributes the cleaning fluids. With the help of individual sensors, it helps to monitor your processes and measures, for example, flow, pressure or temperature. The unit can also communicate with your existing infrastructure as well as deliver and save the necessary data. 

Pneumatic CLASSIC
Pneumatic CLASSIC stainless steel
Pneumatic ELEMENT
Stainless Steel

Valve cluster with decisive advantages:


How you can avoid leakages and failures with our valve clusters

Individually assembled, non-welded distribution systems are prone to leakage. Combined with aggressive cleaning chemicals, this often damages the built-in sensors. If a sensor and the associated treatment head* fail, your system comes to a standstill: You can neither clean nor fill. With a system output of 20 KEGs per hour, the economic damages with a downtime of three hours amounts to 3,000 litres of beer that are not filled.

 * Treatment heads allow either cleaning and filling or only cleaning or only filling. In the calculation example we assume permanent cleaning and filling on one treatment head.

                      Conventional fluidic distributor                                                  Bürkert Type 8840

20 KEGs/hour are normally cleaned and then filled with beer. 50 litres of beer filled per KEG.
20 KEGs per hour are cleaned and filled with beer.
A sensor fails during the night shift due to leakage damage:
Electrician arrives: 3 h downtime volume: 20 KEG per hour * 3 hours = 60 KEG
3,000 litres of production loss
The welded distribution system works reliably and without leaks
3,000 litres can be produced,
which means 0 litres of production loss, 100% productivity

Type 8840

Modular process valve cluster - distributor and collector

Type 8840
  • Valve cluster ready for installation
  • Compact design without any potential leakage
  • No assembly effort
  • No piping between the valves needed
  • Trusted actuators for simple automation