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Space-saving and maintenance-free temperature control solutions for your CVD coating systems

The development and production of CVD coating systems is complex and requires special expertise. This applies in particular to cooling. The interaction of sensors and actuators for cooling systems in your plant is crucial. Thanks to the large selection of components and many years of experience, Bürkert can offer you a cooling solution that is individually tailored to your requirements. We are at your side as a competent fluidics partner from planning to start-up and maintenance.

  • Graphical illustration of a block with three valves and flow sensor; arrow, clock icon
  • Graphical illustration of a diagram with two ascending graphs in black and blue, y-axis with coin icons, x-axis with quantity icon; illustration of a complex technical component, assigned to the black graph and a smaller component, assigned to the blue, lower graph
  • Graphic illustration of a larger control cabinet and a unit consisting of two smaller control cabinets; illustration of a complex technical component, assigned to the larger control cabinet and a smaller component, assigned to the two smaller control cabinets; the control cabinets are surrounded by two cubes of the same size made from dotted lines
  • Graphic illustration of a world map; on it, cubes marking cities, miniatures of boxes, valves and a transport vehicle; on the left and right of the world map, the same detailed representation of a system with a centrally placed block with three valves; on the left with a red-coloured valve
  • Photograph of a technical plant containing a greenish-blue shimmering wafer

Limited spatial capacity and difficult machine maintenance in CVD coating systems

CVD coating plants must perform at their best in order to operate economically. Effective cooling plays a decisive role in this. This is because the CVD coating should only be deposited on the substrate and not in the reactor.
Overall, the coating system should be as compact as possible. Therefore, in conventional solutions, it is difficult to replace components due to the limited space available. Often, entire sub-systems have to be dismantled in a laborious manner in order to access the actual wear part. In addition, the procurement of the parts to be replaced takes a very long time.

Production of monocrystalline silicon

Monocrystalline silicon

Cut wafers

Coolant fluid


Conventional solutions


Heat exchanger

Versatile and low-maintenance system solutions for your cooling tasks

Bürkert supports you with its fluid technology experience in an optimised and individually tailored cooling solution for your gas separation system. The combination of space-optimized, welded or machined block solutions with high-quality stainless steel fittings results in compact fluidic solutions that are precisely tailored to your requirements. The proven and reliable Bürkert technology is characterised by a very long service life. This increases your process reliability and makes maintenance almost superfluous.

Space-saving, welded or machined block solutions

Grafische Darstellung von verschiedenen einzelnen Fluidik-Komponenten auf der linken Seite; in der Mitte Block mit drei Ventilen, Symbol Herz mit Kreispfeil; rechts vier übereinander angeordnete Varianten von Blöcken mit anderen Ventiltypen; Pfeile


The advantages of the Bürkert system solution:



Individual armature blocks for minimal downtime

Depending on your requirements, the Bürkert solution integrates a large number of components in a central armature block or in several armature blocks. We adapt our system solutions to your space requirements, the desired range of functions, your maintenance concept and the specified digital communication infrastructure.

We adapt the Bürkert system solutions 100% to your requirements

Grafische Darstellung von verschiedenen einzelnen Fluidik-Komponenten auf der linken Seite, Pfeile; rechts komplexer Block mit Ventilen und Sensoren, Verrohrung

Comparison of the assembly times of a conventional piped solution with a Bürkert system solution

In this calculation example we show how much installation time you can save with the Bürkert solution at your component supplier. According to the motto “time is money”, the shortened assembly times mean enormous cost savings for you.

Conventional solution versus Bürkert solution

Conventional solution as a triple block
Individual assembly from pipe fittings, i.e.: 4 T-pieces, 2 pipe elbows, 12 double nipples 3 sleeve valves, install 8 fittings, align the components
Calculation basis:
48 mins for the liquid-tight conical thread, 2 mins per thread connection with 24 threads, 8 mins for 4 mounting bracket screws
Bürkert solution
Installation time of a valve block consisting of: 3 valve bodies 8 stainless steel fittings, fit 2 dummy plugs
Calculation basis:
6 mins for 3 valve bodies, 8 mins for 8 stainless steel fittings, 4 mins for installation of 2 dummy plugs
The installation time is reduced by approx. 38 mins per unit.
This saves two thirds of the installation time.

Conventional solution as a triple block versus Bürkert solution: The installation time is reduced by approx. 38 mins per unit. This saves two thirds of the installation time.