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Complex filling processes in the modern medicine

Sterile filling technique for infusion bags

Your benefits:

  • Documentable process, procedures with easy-to-clean components
  • Time saving due to easy cleaning
  • Maximum plant utilisation due to process optimisation

Modern medicine is inconceivable without infusion solution therapy. But first of all, the infusion solutions have to be filled into ‘bags’. The required filling process is anything but trivial: accuracy and hygiene are the top priority and place huge demands on processes.

The valve technology in the filling heads should not only switch quickly and precisely over long life spans but also be easy to clean and sterilise. Needless to say, full documentation of the materials and process steps required for manufacturing filling heads and their respective certification are available. As a result of joint development work, there are six compact valve blocks, each with four valve functions, available for the filling process.

It is designed around a modified pneumatic 2/2-way valve with a bellows seal which can be easily incorporated into the system. The inner volumes and flow rates were optimized at the same time to enhance accuracy and enable cleaning. The convenient space allowed for the integration of a pressure sensor in the filling system, thus supporting the implementation of a process monitoring option. When handling oxygen-sensitive products, the nitrogen supply can be monitored and recorded during the filling process.


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