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Precise media separation in liquid chromatography

For you as a pharmaceutical products manufacturer, production processes must be robust, efficient and safe. The aim is to reduce plant downtimes as effectively as possible and to process your valuable raw materials with as little residue and cross-contamination as possible.
Find out here how Bürkert can support you with energy-efficient valves and demand-oriented automation concepts for safe and smooth production, for example in liquid chromatography or high-performance liquid chromatography (HPLC).

  • Grafische Darstellung exemplarischer Pharma-Produkte
  • Grafische Darstellung eines Ensembles aus Ventilverteilern und einer Ventil-Blocklösung, jeweils mit vier Ventilen sowie der dazugehörigen Verrohrung
  • Fotografie Robolux Mehrwege-Mehrfachanschluss-Membranventil, pneumatisch betätigt, Typ 2036
  • Fotografe eines Details eines Skids aus einer pharazeutischen Produktion mit Bürkert-Ventilen
  • Grafische Darstellung der Gegenüberstellung eines Ventilverteilers mit 90 ml und der Bürkert-Lösung mit 22 ml Totraumvolumen

Downstream processing in biochemical manufacturing

In the chemical or bioprocess engineering industry, products must be separated from a complex media mixture and freed from impurities. This is an important step in guaranteeing a product with the required purity in the entire downstream processing chain.

Working together to make our customers successful

By working with the YMC Process Technologies team, we were able to develop solutions to face the challenges of pharmaceutical production and FDA requirements, all in record time. The combined expertise of Bürkert and YMC allowed us to significantly accelerate the continuous bioprocess flow in chromatography applications. 
Learn more in this short video.


Chromatography operation principle

The stationary and mobile phase of liquid chromatography

The precise and safe purification of substances using chromatography is an essential step in the manufacture of fine chemicals. For this purpose, biophysical principles are applied to take advantage of the various flow properties and velocities of the components. The individual components are separated between a stationary phase (the tubular column in a column) and a mobile phase, which flows through the stationary packing (in this case a liquid).

What is the media separation process?

To purify liquids (downstream processing) out of a variety of components, a liquid needs to go through a chromatography process. Due to the various velocities at which all liquids are pumped through the system, individual components can be separated based on the different flow properties and varying interactions between the stationary and the mobile phases of the substances.

Why is chromatography so important?

Chromatography allows us to separate complex media mixtures with great precision. Even very complicated molecules like proteins can be gently separated from each other using chromatography. Under no circumstances should the media be mixed or contaminated. The right choice of valve is also an essential factor, as they control and distribute the media both into and out of the chromatography column.

The conventional solution and its weaknesses

A chromatography process is all about maximising to the greatest degree possible the amount of valuable end product. Under no circumstances is other media to cause contamination. As such, you need a system that is easy to rinse and offers an absolute minimum of dead space. Any necessary maintenance and repairs should be plannable as early as possible and interfere as little as possible with the productivity of the plant.

Cell harvest and product separation
Conventional valve distributor
Upstream Processing
Conventional block solution
Chromatography column

Intelligent valve block solutions for safe and efficient chromatography processes

Bürkert helps you make your sterile processes – in chromatography, for example – more economical and of course safer. We support you with block solutions that are individually tailored to your production, with optimised cleaning capability as well as high reliability and energy efficiency. With a decentralised automation solution you can permanently monitor the system. This helps you find and rectify errors more quickly and make your production processes more efficient.

Steuerkopf Typ 8686
Robolux Typ 2036

Designed for controlling ultra-pure, sterile and aseptic media, the Type 2036 Robolux multiway diaphragm valve is the ideal solution for your chromatography processes.

How you can save on maintenance with our valve block solution

A chromatography skid contains multiple valves whose diaphragms are usually replaced once a year. Unlike conventional valve solutions with two diaphragms, the Robolux  Type 2036 multiway diaphragm valve operates with only one diaphragm. The following calculation illustrates the potential time savings when replacing a conventional solution with Robolux. In this example, we assume 30 valves in the chromatography sector for a conventional solution. With Robolux you only need 15 diaphragms.

                                                            Conventional solution           Robolux

No. of diaphragms
No. of diaphragms
1 x Administration 9 min.
1 x logistics 1 x 7 min.
30 x exchange 990 min.
30 x quality & documentation: 360 min.
Total time required: 1,366 min.
1 x Administration 9 min.
1 x logistics 1 x 7 min.
15 x exchange 495 min.
15 x quality & documentation: 180 min.
Total time required: 707 min.
Maintenance savings:
11.5 hours = 1½ working days

How you can reduce product mixing with our valve block solution

Greater productivity thanks to smaller dead space: Three fluidic concepts result in three differently sized dead spaces. Your productivity improves if you can reduce dead spaces and thus minimise product mixing. Find out how big your savings potential can be in a concrete calculation example.


You can find more interesting information on the topic here:

Type 2036

Robolux multiway diaphragm valve, pneumatically operated

Type 2036
  • Extremely compact and space-saving design
  • Reduced installation costs
  • Reduced number of valves and welds

Automated fluidics solutions for machines in the pharmaceutical industryAutomated fluidics solutions for machines in the pharmaceutical industry

Developing, producing and installing machines for sterile environments requires a wealth of specialist knowledge, for example in the manufacture of pharmaceutical products. You are faced with the challenge of meeting the very high quality standards of the pharmaceutical industry and at the same time effectively managing your own company.

Find out how Bürkert can support you in all project phases and develop automation solutions for you that offer your customer real added value – even in international projects


Products for fluidic solutions in the pharmaceutical sector and advice on the topic

Discover our process valve range, particularly those for strict hygiene requirements in the pharmaceutical industry.
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