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Efficient control of compressed air technology with reliable valve solutions

For you as a manufacturer of compressors or compressed air systems, the flawless end product comes first. No matter in which industry: The compressed air supply must comply with the applicable quality criteria. To ensure this, not only generation but also treatment and the complete infrastructure for compressed air are crucial.
At Bürkert, you will find the right valve for every step in the compressed air process. Learn more about the broad portfolio and the custom-fit solutions and personal service.

Compressed air: Your challenges in generating and preparing

Safe and always available compressed air is crucial in addition to the individually required air quality. Given the variety of compressors, you need precisely coordinated valves and advice tailored to your compressed air systems.

Piston, diaphragm, screw, turbo compressor
Carbon filter
The impurities filtered out in the activated carbon filter / activated carbon adsorber can be discharged by means of a condensate drain.
Water separator
Water separators separate "heavy" and thus inert liquid quantities via condensate drains by means of a mechanical separation process.
Diaphragm, refrigeration, adsorption dryers

The condensate drain removes liquid quantities resulting from condensation or targeted separation from the compressed air system and thus prevents the carry-over of liquid contaminants within the processing chain.

Refrigeration dryer
Active cooling of the compressed air and condensation of the moisture contained in the compressed air. The resulting condensate is collected in the refrigeration dryer and discharged.

Membrane dryer with integrated purge air shut-off (energy-efficient operation - purge air is only used when dried compressed air is requested).
Water separator fine filter
Compressed air system with booster compressor
Hot water
Heat recovery system
With heat recovery, you can significantly reduce the operating costs of a compressor station.
Process heat
Condensate treatment
(O₂) oxygen/ (N₂) nitrogen generators Oxygen / nitrogen generator can be generated directly from the compressed air at low cost, even for smaller quantities required, by oxygen/nitrogen generators.
Compressed air for downstream processes

Bürkert valve technology for reliable and durable compressed air systems and compressors

We support manufacturers in the design as well as production and users in the long-term operation of compressed air systems. To ensure that the systems run safely, flexibly and economically, you as a manufacturer need the perfect valve for every process step. With a unique range of variable standard valves, individually manufactured valves plus all-round service from Bürkert, your customers always operate quickly and accurately.


1. Valves for intake control

Solenoid valves mainly control the intake control or the inlet valve in screw compressors. The valves are available in various variants, such as de-energised opening and de-energised closing.

These offer the following advantages in application:

✓ Higher energy efficiency
✓ Increased compressor service life
✓ Gentle start-up
✓ Optimised compressor characteristic curve
✓ Lower pressure fluctuation range
✓ Demand-oriented pressure generation
✓ No retroactive pollution in case of emergency stop

                              Type 7012                                                         Type 0400                                                Type 5404

2/2-way solenoid valves: Types 7011, 6013, 0400, 5404, 6281EV
3/2-way solenoid valves: Types 7012, 6014



2. Valves for intake control - mobile compressors

This is where proportional valves impress at the inlet:

✓ Load and energy consumption are based on the compressed air demand.
✓ Precisely matching of the motor output to the compressed air requirement saves fuel and emissions.

Fotografie von drei verschiedenen Bürkert-Magent- und Proportionalventilen: Typ 2865, Typ 2863, Typ 8605 auf weißem Hintergrund

                              Type 2865                                                        Type 2863                                                Type 8605

2/2-way solenoid valves: Types 7011, 6013, 0400, 5404, 6281EV
3/2-way solenoid valves: Types 7012, 6014
Proportional valves: Types 2863, 2875
Accessories: Type 8605



3. Unload valves

To prevent compressors from starting against pressure, a) the pressure relief valve (NC) can vent at stop or b) the unload valve (NO) can relieve the motor at start.

Main advantages of both valve variants:

✓ Lower energy consumption of the compressor
✓ Increased service life of the compressor

Fotografie von drei verschiedenen Bürkert-Magentventilen: Typ 5404, Typ 6013, Typ 6281 auf weißem Hintergrund

                              Type 5404                                                         Type 6013                                                Type 6281

2/2-way & 3/2-way solenoid valves: Types 6281, 7011, 6013, 0400, 6240, 6281EV, 54046014



4. Valve for condensate drainage

When a compressor compresses air into compressed air, contaminated condensate is usually produced. To avoid damage to the compressed air system, this fluid must be drained and disposed of properly.
Discharge takes place when the compressor is switched on and during set operating intervals. You can connect the drain valve to the condensate treatment unit via a pipeline.

Advantages of automatic condensate drainage:

✓ Prevents damage
✓ Extends service life
✓ Less effort for maintenance and servicing
✓ Saves energy and resources

Fotografie von drei verschiedenen Bürkert-Magentventilen: Typ 0330, Typ 6430, Typ 5282

                               Type 0330                                                         Type 6430                                                Type 5282

2/2-way & 3/2-way solenoid valves: Types 7011, 6013, 0330, 5282, 6281EV, 6430, 7012, 6014
Solution with process valves: Types 6014, 7012, 2000
Accessories: Type 1087



5. Pressure maintenance valves

A pressure maintenance valve ensures stable pressure in the compressor and in the compressed air preparation unit. It forms the interface between the compressed air system and network and enables a safe start-up. If the network draw-off is low, the pressure-retaining valve protects the compressors and treatment components.


✓ Optimises the use of energy
✓ Uniform network start-up relieves the load on the motor
✓ Increases the life cycle of your system
✓ Ensures permanently consistent compressed air quality

Fotografie von drei verschiedenen Bürkert-Prozessventilen: Typ 8805, Typ 8804, Typ 6519

                               Type 8805                                                         Type 8804                                                Type 6519

Solution with process valves: Types 8805, 8804
Control of the process valves: Types 6519, 1061



6. Upstream pressure shut-off valves

The inlet valves placed in front of a booster compressor control the air supply during operation and close automatically when the inlet pressure is too low.
The booster compressor draws in pre-compressed and treated compressed air from an existing network or a low-pressure compressor and increases the pressure to a higher level


Fotografie von drei verschiedenen Bürkert-Magent- und Prozessventilen:Typ 5404, Typ 6519, Typ 8805

                                Type 5404                                                         Type 6519                                                Type 8805

2/2-way solenoid valves: Types 6240, 6027, 5404
Solution with process valves: Types 6519, 1061, 8805



7. Purge air control valves

Membrane dryers extract moisture from the compressed air produced. They use purge air for this purpose. The pilot valves add the purge air as required and thus ensure energy-efficient operation of the membrane dryer.

Fotografie von drei verschiedenen Bürkert-Magentventilen: Typ 6013, Typ 7011, Typ 0331 auf weißem Hintergrund

                                Type 6013                                                        Type 7011                                                Type 0331

2/2-way solenoid valves: Types 7011, 6013, 0330
3/2-way solenoid valves: Types 7012, 6014, 0331



8. Change-over valves

A change-over valve allows a crossover and pressure surge-free change-over in adsorption dryers as well as nitrogen and oxygen generators.
In both cases, Bürkert solenoid or process valves specifically switch operation between adsorption and regeneration


                                Type 2000                                                        Type 7012                                                Type 6281

2/2-way solenoid valves: Types 6213EV, 6281EV, 5282
Accessories: Types 2516, 2518
Solution with process valves & valve islands: Types 2000, 1061, 8805, 8653, 8647, 8640, 6519, 7012


The advantages of Bürkert valve technology:

Your requirements are our starting point

Bürkert not only offers you what is probably the most comprehensive valve portfolio in the world - we also have the ability to modify valves to meet requirements. For you, this means: functionally sophisticated, energy-saving compressors and compressed air technology as well as safety and flexibility in production.
Air volume, installation situation, degree of contamination or mode of operation: Your requirements are the starting point to which we adapt valve characteristics and functionalities.

Which functionalities are crucial to the success of your compressed air technology? Together with you, we develop solutions that perfectly fit your challenges. We look forward to hearing from you.

A perfect overall package

From the selection of suitable components to service and spare parts delivery: Your process depends on many points. So that you can focus on your tasks, we support you with individually adapted solutions and an all-round service tailored to your needs. This saves you time and optimises your processes. The following aspects play an enormous role:

Comparison of the Bürkert solution (blue) with the conventional solution


Learn more about how you as a manufacturer of compressors or compressed air systems can ensure reliability and longevity:

Our powerful and application-oriented solenoid valve product range convinces with technology and variety. Learn more about our solenoid valves now.

Process valves and control valves - pneumatically or electromotively driven with state-of-the-art control technology. Learn more about our process valves now.

We are happy to offer you system solutions adapted to your application

Would you like to learn more about Bürkert compressed air solutions with reliable valve
solutions? We will be happy to advise you on your individual solution.


Precise control of fluids – even under demanding conditions

Efficient control of compressed air technology with reliable valve solutions

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