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Automated fluidics solutions for machines in the pharmaceutical industry

Developing, producing and installing machines for sterile environments requires a wealth of specialist knowledge, for example in the manufacture of pharmaceutical products. You are faced with the challenge of meeting the very high quality standards of the pharmaceutical industry and at the same time effectively managing your own company.
Find out how Bürkert can support you in all project phases and develop automation solutions for you that offer your customer real added value – even in international projects


  • Fotografische Darstellung eines Bürkert Membranventilkörpers
  • Grafische Darstellung exemplarischer Pharma-Produkte
  • Grafische Darstellung eines Skids in der pharazeutischen Produktion, Pfeil, Symbol Vorhängeschloss mit Kreispfeil
  • Grafische Darstellung eines Skids in der pharazeutischen Produktion, Bürkert-Lösung
  • Grafische Darstellung eines Bürkert Membranventilkörpers

Conventional fluidics solutions and their weaknesses

Precisely controlling and distributing the different media in production processes is one of the most demanding tasks facing pharmaceutical industry machinery. Nevertheless, the construction and start-up of the skids must be as economical and efficient as possible.

Media preparation
Goods delivery
Valve with conventional forged steel valve body

How Bürkert solutions intelligently and efficiently control sterile processes

Unique expertise in fluidics and automation solutions

Bürkert accompanies you in the development, production and installation of machines for the pharmaceutical industry, whether you manufacture in series or individually customise solutions to meet the needs of your customers. In addition to technologically mature components and systems for sterile fluidic processes – for example, customised block solutions, hygienic diaphragm valves and sensors as well as systems with critical properties including cleanability, high reliability and traceability – we also provide you with objective support in selecting the appropriate automation solutions.


How Bürkert solutions save you and your customers money

Bürkert diaphragm valves with tube valve bodies are manufactured in a particularly material-saving way. As a result, they are lighter and have less thermal mass than conventional valves.

Example calculation: Thanks to the lightweight design of the “tube valve body”, you save energy and thus operating costs

In this calculation we take a medium-sized pharmaceutical plant that is to be newly built. Type 2031 valves with pneumatic control in various DNs (according to ASME or DN ISO) are required for controlling media in sterile environments. Below we compare the respective weight of a valve with forged body with that of a comparable “tube valve body”.

Forged steel valve body
Tube valve body
Number of valves in the project
Total weight reduction

In particular, the weight reduction of 4.5 t and 1.96 t due to the lower valve mass results in the following advantages:

  • lower operating costs due to faster heating and cooling times – here using the example of a sterilisation process
  • possible savings in freight and handling costs.
Conventional solution

                                                               Steam sterilising           Air-cooled

Your partner for international projects

Planning and implementing new pharmaceutical systems and processes is a complex and expensive task. New processes or machines can be simplified and made more cost-effective by improving communications and collaborating with an experienced solutions provider. Coordinating the different project design groups and optimising purchasing processes by combining multiple product packages makes Bürkert the perfect partner for pharmaceutical projects.

Your Project Partner Your Project Partner

Designing and building new pharmaceutical processes is a complex and expensive task. New processes or skids can be simplified and made more cost-effective by improving communication and working with an experienced solutions provider. By coordinating the different project design groups and optimising the purchasing process by combining a number of product packages, Bürkert are the perfect partner for pharmaceutical projects. 

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Precise media separation in liquid chromatographyPrecise media separation in liquid chromatography

For you as a pharmaceutical products manufacturer, production processes must be robust, efficient and safe. The aim is to reduce plant downtimes as effectively as possible and to process your valuable raw materials with as little residue and cross-contamination as possible.

Find out here how Bürkert can support you with energy-efficient valves and demand-oriented automation concepts for safe and smooth production, for example in liquid chromatography or high-performance liquid chromatography (HPLC).

Products for fluidic solutions in the pharmaceutical sector and advice on the topic

Discover our process valve range, particularly those for strict hygiene requirements in the pharmaceutical industry.
Learn more about the valves.

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