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Customised Solution

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Plastic injection moulding technology – standardised and modular

Good material quality and excellent channel rinsability are a top priority, especially when it comes to in vitro diagnostics (IVD). The accuracy of the analysis results depends on it. The solutions must be economical and small quantities play a particularly important role. How can you produce your small batches efficiently and cost-effectively? Quality and efficiency are not mutually exclusive.

Individual small-batch production through adapted injection moulding processes

Our new modular approach to customised solutions makes it possible to cost-effectively produce quantities as low as 250 units. In particular, high tooling costs for the injection moulds are often what make small series production unattractive. The modular tool approach – where only the aluminium inserts and not the basic steel framework have to be customised – saves you valuable project time and reduces investment costs while maintaining the expected quality and functionality. This means you get a high-quality and standardised complete system that nevertheless allows room for specific requirements.


Small series starting at 250 pieces


Reduced project run-times


Reduced investment costs


Maintains customary quality

Individuelle Anpassung

Flexibility for customisation

In-house tool development, plastic injection moulding and simulation

Due to our extensive vertical manufacturing range, the entire plastics process takes place under one roof at Bürkert. Put the fluidics in our hands so that you can focus on your core competence – the overall design concept. Whether it’s development, simulation or testing, we deliver your small batch parts produced in-house at Bürkert with the usual quality and on time. We are also able to handle special requests such as integrating your proprietary housing parts.

 Discover Bürkert plastic processes all from a single source:

Bürkert plastics process

Safe media supply and system cleaning

Laboratory equipment needs a reliable media supply in order to achieve error-free and reproducible analysis results. To do that, liquid and gaseous media must be supplied continuously and reliably. Depending on the process unit there are a number of requirements in terms of pressure, temperature, flow rate and particle content for the media in question. Accurate analysis results are essential for IVD, which is why cleaning the entire system without any residue is equally important. Thanks to high flow factors and precise switching in Bürkert valves, our solutions can also achieve efficient and fast cleaning with small amounts of cleaning agent and high sample throughput.

 Exact repeatability and minimum switching times of the valves

We coordinate all components in the dosing system so that you can precisely and reproducibly dose media. The result: Your output increases. Our systems also score points in terms of safety because all relevant components interlock like puzzle pieces to ensure the same switching behaviour of all the valves. Increase your sample throughput with a system solution from Bürkert.


Are you developing analytical equipment for IVD laboratories and looking for a partner for fluid technology? Together we will find the optimal solution for you. Feel free to contact us!

Flyer-Plastic injection moulding technology – standardised and modular

Good material quality and excellent channel rinsability are a top priority, especially when it comes to in vitro diagnostics (IVD)

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