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Solenoid valves for fully automatic coffee machines: Easy installation and quick maintenance

In close cooperation with leading manufacturers of fully automatic coffee machines, Bürkert has developed its new solenoid valve series. From the very beginning, the life cycle and level of service of the fully automatic machines and the valve have been paramount in the new development. This allowed the experience gained from the installation, operation and service of machine manufacturers to be incorporated into the development of the new solenoid valves. In addition to the technical data, great attention was therefore paid to optimal installation and safe maintenance during operation. The new valve series is set apart by its trend-setting service concept.

Challenges for solenoid valves in fully automatic coffee machines

 Easy maintenance and quick service of

 fully automatic coffee machines In coffee shop chains, coffee machines run 365 days a year. To ensure that the service and availability of fully automatic coffee machines can also be guaranteed in countries with different levels of education, maintenance must be carried out safely, easily and without tools. Any outage in service equates to reduced revenue.

The desire for ever more compact fully automatic coffee machines

 The trend is increasingly favouring smaller and more compact fully automatic coffee machines with more functionalities. The solenoid valves used must therefore be smaller and more powerful.

High media compatibility and material resistance are required

Water is also a critical medium for every fully automatic machine, as everything ranging from tap water containing chlorine to aggressive osmosis water and well water rich in lime or minerals might be used. Moreover, temperatures up to 95°C are normal process conditions. The cleaning cycles are also being added to the fully automatic coffee machines.

Cleaning agents
Medium temperature up to 95°C
Regular maintenance cycles
Compact design
Different water qualities

The compact and service-friendly solenoid valve series

 power supply units, rising ambient temperatures and the selection of suitable materials for global food approvals are the basis of our new valve series. You get added value from the completely hassle-free installation of solenoid valves in fully automatic production and tool-free service from core to diaphragm exchange on site.

Bürkert has developed solenoid valves of Types 7015, 7016 and 7017 for steam, water, hot water, coffee and milk applications for you, which are precisely tailored to the needs of compact fully automatic machines. The solenoid valves of EGV 1935-2004 and FDA are compliant and have an NSF certification.

The new generation solenoid valves for coffee machines

 type 7015 – 2/2 way: Media separated plunger valve for coffee, steam, water and hot water
 type 7016 – 3/2 way: Media separated plunger valve for coffee, steam, water and hot water
 type 7017 – 3/2 way: Media separated rocker valve for dairy products

 The advantages of Bürkert solenoid valve solutions:


Save 10,000 hours by using Bürkert solenoid valves

 The calculation example illustrates the added value of the new Bürkert solutions.
It goes without saying that solenoid valves have to meet the technical requirements. Extending maintenance intervals and shortening
 installation and service times are measurable added values of Bürkert solenoid valves types 7015, 7016 and 7017.

                    Traditional solution Bürkert solution

Removing the coil
Removing the coil
Removing the diaphragm
Opening the armature to replace the core or seal
Removing the diaphragm
Opening the armature to replace the core or seal
Time savings during a service visit and maintenance of a valve
Time savings of your service employees per year, with 100,000 valves installed


Are you also facing new challenges when developing your fully automatic coffee machines? We would be happy to advise you on new solutions for controlling water, hot water, steam, coffee and milk.
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