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Gas systems for good cutting results

Gas control systems for flame and plasma cutting

Gas control system for flame cutting

Gas control system for flame cutting

This gas supply unit was developed and implemented for a customer who employs to manage all the gas supply demands at the cutting heads of a flame cutting machine. The requirements that come with the extensive automation of cutting-edge oxyfuel cutting equipment were therefore met and the gas control system seamlessly integrated with the aid of fluid technology and electronics. At the same time, such an integrated system provides the basis for simplified logistical and manufacturing processes.

The central gas supply block for controlling the process gases of the oxyfuel cutting equipment supplies up to four flame cutters. The fuel gases acetylene and propane as well as ignition gas, heating oxygen and cutting oxygen are applied. The extremely compact unit features integrated bus electronics and ensures the decentralised control of functions.

Gas control system for plasma cutting

Gas control system for plasma cutting


Our customer uses this gas control system for the provision of plasma gas and fluidising shielding gas volume flows as well as their mixtures for plasma cutting processes. The units consist of five independent gas control loops, each for various gas flow rates in a plasma cutting system. Each loop in turn consists of a pressure sensor for monitoring the primary pressure, a mechanical pressure regulator and a volume flow control. Process-independent, superimposed control functions are implemented by software.

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