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Customised Solution

Do you want to develop and realise a customised solution with us?




Scientific research handling and dosing in the micro range

We blend your specialist knowledge with our comprehensive know-how. This results in solutions that are perfect down to the very last detail and help to reduce complexity. Since we give your idea the respect and attention it deserves – irrespective of whether you work with stem cells or dose micro-litres. Be inspired by the following real success stories and discover how we build on and increase the knowledge of our clients. Ensuring everything flows smoothly all of the time.

“An important step in stem cell research”

“Faster and systematically precise dosage.”

Thinking big in the micro range

Our clients lead the way in their respective field. They know what they are doing – and they know what they want. But when it comes to fluids. We know what needs doing to achieve your goal.

“An important step in stem cell research.”

Client Meeting

Our client has taken on a major task: stem-cell research. This young start-up company from Italy has achieved a major breakthrough in this complex field.

Stem cells

Its innovation represents a decisive step forward in successful treatment of many serious diseases and injuries ranging from Parkinson’s disease to paraplegia. And we were happy to help them in the execution of their idea.


The young company has found a way of separating healthy stem cells from dead or defective ones, as well as from other cells such as blood or lymphatic cells, without damaging them in the process. Previously, no method had been found to sort the cells without inadvertently compromising the quality of the stem cells.


The Bürkert Solution

Clear case of congeniality. We have supplemented our client’s innovative method with our extensive experience in the field of micro-fluids. As a result we have opened up new horizons for the stem cell research of the future.


Have a look how Bürkert solves the problem:







“Faster and systematically precise dosage.”

Client Meeting

The specialist field of our client is the development and production of machines that package sterile products. And the main focus is on the efficiency of these machines. They have to work flawlessly in clean room conditions.

Sterile packaging

Reliability, speed, minimum rejects and maximum compactness are demanded. Furthermore, the machines must be able to package minimum quantities. No easy feat for our client.


A dosing unit that can be integrated in a new system where it fills very small packages with 500 micro-litres of sterile liquid is required. This liquid is intended to protect a delicate object that is added before sealing the package.


The Bürkert Solution

We have made life simpler for our client. Thanks to our comprehensive solution the client has been able to overcome this obstacle and develop a dosing system that can fill a large number of small quantities very quickly and precisely. Since our communication platform reduces the complexity.