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Extension building in Triembach au Val, Alsace, officially inaugurated

The extension of the Bürkert plant in Triembach au Val was opened with an official inauguration ceremony on July 13, 2023. Bürkert Fluid Control Systems has invested around 15 million euros in the expansion of the French production site, which focuses on the development and manufacturing of industrial sensors.

Building Bürkert: 15 million euros invested in French plant facilities

Two new buildings have been constructed on the company premises of Bürkert France in Triembach au Val, a town in Alsace, as part of a development project to expand the previous production capacities. Over the past years, a new logistics building and expansion areas for production were created on more than 5,500 square metres. After the completion of the construction in spring 2023, the building complex was now officially opened on 13 July 2023.

In addition to the approx. 1,500 square metre logistics building, which was already occupied at the beginning of March 2022, production areas with a total size of around 4,000 square metres were built. "The new space will be used in future for the development and production of the FLOWave flow meter, as well as for some production-supporting areas," explains Patrick Reimeringer, managing director of Bürkert France. A tool workshop as well as office and meeting rooms complete the expansion project. Bürkert Fluid Control Systems invested a total of 15 million euros in the French location. The existing premises will also still be used: "The newly created room also allows processes to be reorganised," adds Patrick Reimeringer.

"In Triembach, there has been a clear focus on the topic of sensor technology over the last few years, so that today we can call what he have there a real 'competence centre'. The plant expansion now enables further growth for production, innovation and ultimately creativity," is how Georg Stawowy, CEO of the Bürkert Group, summarises the significance of the French location with regard to the entire company.

Bürkert keeps an eye on the environment when it comes to new buildings

For Bürkert, however, it is not only about the realisation of technical requirements when it comes to construction projects – the company also pays special attention to the creation of optimal environmental conditions and climate-friendly measures: For example, the new buildings in Triembach were equipped with what the company calls an "energy centre", a wood-fired biomass boiler that supplies the entire site with energy, along with the newly installed photovoltaic systems.

A free cooling system additionally enables energy savings. The principle behind it: No cold air is generated mechanically, but instead used from the surroundings. Patrick Reimeringer explains: "The new buildings and technologies used will significantly reduce Bürkert's carbon footprint. It will also enable us to combine economic growth with social and environmental responsibility."

More investments planned at Bürkert

The inauguration in France marks the beginning of further investments by Bürkert in the near future. Several construction projects are already in the pipeline for the coming years: In the course of the next two and a half years, the fluidics specialist is planning investments totalling around 70 million euros at various locations. With the help of these investments both at home and abroad, Bürkert will be able to expand its existing position in the market, but at the same time also open up new markets and thus continue to grow together with customers and partners.

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