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The self-cleaning analysis system

Bürkert presents an automatic cleaning module for the Online Analysis System. Bürkert’s Type 8905 Online Analysis System supports waterworks in monitoring of the most important water parameters and compliance with all directives. The system gives drinking water treatment specialists an overview of the measured values to allow optimisation of the single treatment steps, therefore contributing to efficient and safe drinking water production. Now the analysis device can also be cleaned automatically.

The composition of the water sample can contaminate the sensors of Bürkert’s Type 8905 Online Analysis System. This is the case with calcium and iron deposits or algae. Coating formation in the water sample, for example, can adversely affect the turbidity measurement. To ensure consistently good measurements the sensors should therefore be cleaned at regular intervals, based on the quality of the water samples. For this purpose Bürkert developed the Type MZ20 cleaning module, which can be connected as an add-on module upstream of the measurement system for dosing of cleaning solutions.

The module normally executes the cleaning process on a time-controlled basis. However, the module can also be programmed individually to clean when certain measurement constellations of the connected sensor cubes exist. Based on the changes in the measured values the system tests whether the cleaning was successful and repeats the process, if necessary. Commercially available cleaning liquids are pumped from a storage bottle into the measuring system. The cleaning system carries out all relevant functions such as water sample shut-off, solution dosing and condition signaling via the CANopen-based Bürkert system bus independently and fully automatically.