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System solutions from a single source

Bürkert demonstrates its water preparation expertise with a reverse osmosis system

Bürkert stands for individual system solutions based on sensors, valves and regulators for industrial applications. The company’s competence goes far beyond the development and production of high-quality components for the measurement, instrumentation and control of gases and liquids. This was demonstrated by Bürkert experts at IFAT on the basis of a reverse osmosis skid for water desalination that was constructed with Bürkert products.

The Bürkert Systemhaus used Bürkert components to build a reverse osmosis system that is suitable for desalination of industrial process water and drinking water. The goal of the system was to demonstrate Bürkert’s competence in the development of custom system solutions and automation concepts on the basis of its own products and comprehensive expertise. The transportable device could be seen in action at IFAT in Munich. “Of course, we are not planning to include reverse osmosis skids in our product spectrum,” explains Cyrus Ardjomandi, Segment Manager Water at Bürkert. “It is intended as a demo system to display our capabilities and the spectrum of the many single solutions for water treatment in practical use. Our system competence for all types of applications involving water always generates added value for our customers in the long run,” explains Ardjomandi. 

Basic construction of the system

The demo system consists of a water circulation system for desalination of softened water. For the demonstration, permeate and condensate are pumped into a common collecting tank, from which they are later removed as raw water. The water first passes through a 20” fine filter with a 5 µm filter cartridge, after which it is desalinated in three membrane modules. A centrifugal pump with a frequency converter functions as a high-pressure pump, and an energy-efficient circulating pump with a frequency converter circulates the water. An ultra-quiet compressor provides the control air for the pneumatic valves. To better illustrate the single volume flows, Bürkert chose rotameters, which are standard components in water treatment systems. Additional paddle wheel flow meters – which are ideal for measuring non-conductive media – likewise measure the flow rates and send them to the controller. Pressure switches monitor the input pressure and system pressure.

All parts from a single source

Several perfectly coordinated Bürkert valves control the liquid flows. The control of the volume flows for the valves is performed by the Type 8611 flow controller installed on the permeate side of the system. It is designed for 2-point, 3-point and on/off control, as well as ratio control. Control of the sensors is performed by the Type 8619 multiCELL multi-functional transmitter. With the Type 8905 online analysis system Bürkert offers a unique compact and modular end-to-end system for water analysis that can be expanded to include up to 30 analysis sensors (cubes). The control cabinet was designed and implemented entirely in the Bürkert Systemhaus in Menden. All electrical systems are in conformity with VDE 0100 and VDE 113. With its control cabinet construction Bürkert offers complete automation from a single source. System control and flow rate regulation require precise and reliable sensors. Bürkert offers a broad spectrum here, which also benefits the reverse osmosis system, including pressure sensors, impeller flow meters and conductivity sensors. The system is supplemented with a blending device that can mix process waters having different hardness, temperatures or conductivity to achieve the desired water quality.

Although the reverse osmosis skid demonstrated at IFAT may not correspond to actual operating conditions, the system demonstrates Bürkert Fluid Control Systems’ extensive expertise in this field. “The system does not exist in this form in reality. However, it demonstrates all the capabilities and functional components that Bürkert can offer its customers in this branch of industry,” Cyrus Ardjomandi concludes.

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