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Bürkert India builds on know-how in area of hygiene Segment

From 13 to 17 April, Deutsche Messe AG in Hannover will host the world’s most important industrial exhibition. The partner country of this year’s exhibition is the economically rising India, governed by Honorable Prime Minister Narendra Modi since May 2014. With investments and reforms Mr. Modi intends for the country to develop into a production location of international standing. The fluid technology specialist Bürkert is convinced of the country’s potential and has operated a subsidiary in India since 2005.

“The market potential for Bürkert in India is very high. With a focus on our target markets we have been able to achieve excellent growth rates in the past years,” reports Manikant Mohandoss, General Manager Bürkert India. Industrial applications in hygienic environments, such as the food and beverage industry or pharmaceutical products, are especially important for Bürkert India. “Many industrial production processes require maximum hygiene. Further specialisation in this area and state subsidy programmes will allow not only growth of the entire industry, but also further development of the Bürkert location in India,” Manikant Mohandoss  explains.

If everything goes as planned, the corporate consulting company McKinsey predicts a sixfold increase of India’s production sector to one Trillion by 2025. The pharmaceutical industry will play a special role in this development. By 2020 India will be among the world’s top three markets for pharmaceutical products. Today, India is already considered the biggest manufacturer of medicinal products. Bürkert products & solutions such as custom valve block for demineralised water and for water for injection (WFI) storage and distribution have been supplied to various equipment manufacturers and end users around the country.

The Indian subsidiary is located in the metropolitan region of Chennai, the country’s fourth largest conurbation. In order to provide service to customers from the entire sub-continent of India, Bürkert is currently working together with 14 distributors who are based at strategic locations in India. Chennai is known for its local automotive industry, which Bürkert supplies for example with plastic solenoid valves for filling battery acid and cooling systems for die casting and moulding machines.

Participation as the partner country of this year’s Hannover Messe underlines the ambitious economic course of India’s new government. With the slogan “Make in India” Prime Minister Mr. Modi is attempting to win support for modernisation of the factories and infrastructure as well as for more foreign investments in the domestic production location. Mr. Modi is convinced that the production sector is the backbone of the Indian economy. To continue developing, the threshold country is interested in German infrastructure, science and technology.