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Type 2852: New 2-way proportional valve with pressure compensation

Find out why the valve is particularly suitable for devices in medical or laboratory technology. 

Type 2852 on grey background

Ideal for integration into analytical or medical devices

In medical and laboratory technology in particular, compact valves are required that switch high operating pressures in relation to their size, enable high flow rates and generate little loss. The pressure-compensated proportional valve Type 2852 combines all these features in one device.

Type 2852 can be operated at an operating pressure of up to 7 bar(g) at the valve inlet and has a high setting range (>1:500). The proportional valve supplies a kvs value of 0.2 m³/h.

Compact valve design: For applications with limited space 

Thanks to the space-saving design, with a width of just 16 mm, the valve can be installed in devices that only allow a small installation volume. This makes the valve particularly suitable for ventilators, anaesthesia machines or insufflators, for example.

Additional safety features

In the event of a power failure the proportional valve type 2852 closes automatically. No additional safety valve is required. 

Type 2852 is also characterised by particularly low heat generation. This ensures that the process medium or other components are not affected by heat. 

Why you should opt for the proportional valve type 2852 – Your advantages at a glance

✓ High flow rate and high operating pressure
✓ Space-saving valve design with a width of 16 mm
✓ No additional safety valve required

Type 2852

2-way proportional valve with pressure compensation

Type 2852
  • Excellent span
  • Very compact design for easy use in electronic devices
  • Flange and plug-in connection for integration into valve manifolds
  • Reduced power consumption
  • Operating pressure up to 7 bar(g)


The pressure-compensated proportional valve type 2852 in stainless steel variant with FKM seal is available with operating voltages of 12 V or 24 V DC. It can be ordered in both flange and cartridge variants with the electrical connections stranded wire, plug or pins.