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Solenoid valve types 7011 and 7012 - New variants with approvals for potentially explosive atmospheres and fuel gases available

Our compact and powerful solenoid valves types 7011 and 7012. Learn more about the new approvals and functions.

Magnetventil Typ 7011 Typ 7012 in WWB und Ex-Ausführung auf grauem Hintergrund

Our compact and powerful solenoid valve types 7011 and 7012 are now available with the circuit function "normally open", the plug form C as well as the approval DVGW EN 161 for fuel gases or as encapsulated variant for the use in potentially explosive atmospheres (ATEX, IECEx).

Compact valves thanks to optimised coil design

More and more compact and at the same time powerful valves are required in potentially explosive atmospheres or when combustible gases are used.

With the help of the AC08 coil technology of type 7011 and type 7012, we were able to improve the performance of the valves thanks to the optimised ratio between the iron circuit and the solenoid coil winding.

For example, the 24.5 mm coil with encapsulation is one of the smallest Ex m coils on the market. This allows smaller and compact control cabinets to be realised in the potentially explosive atmosphere. With type 7011 we also offer one of the smallest gas valves on the market.

Reliable, even at higher temperatures & switching pressure

All versions of type 7011 and type 7012 can be switched reliably at higher switching pressure and increased ambient temperatures of 75°C (55°C for Ex variants). This makes the new articles ideal for use in numerous applications, such as:


Dust explosion protection:

  • Pneumatic conveyors
  • Venting technology in, for example, mills, sugar refineries or coal mining
  • ...
Bohrinsel bei Sonnenuntergang

Gas explosion protection

  • Mineral oil industry
  • Distilleries
  • Refuelling and storage
  • Gas plants
  • Painting lines
  • ...

Fuel gases

  • Industrial burners (e.g. ignition gas valves)
  • Movable and stationary automatic heaters
  • ...

Benefits at a glance

✓ space-saving design thanks to compact coil
✓ reliable valve switching, even with:
           - increased ambient temperatures up to 75°C
           - required higher switching pressure
           - the use of power supply units
✓ available with various approvals:
           - DVGW EN 161 for fuel gases
           - ATEX, IECEx
           - UR (coil approval)

Learn more about our solenoid valve types 7011 & 7012:

Type 7011

Direct-acting 2/2-way plunger valve

Type 7011
  • Direct-acting and compact small valve up to DN 2.4
  • Slipped over coil system
  • Simple and fast flange or manifold mounting
  • Quick coupling (push-in fitting) for push-in connectors
  • Explosion-proof variants

Type 7012

Direct-acting 3/2-way plunger valve

Type 7012
  • Direct-acting and compact small valve up to DN 1.6
  • Slipped over coil system
  • Banjo fitting for direct mounting on pneumatic valves
  • Simple and fast push-in, flange or manifold mounting
  • Explosion-proof variants