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SAC254 and nitrate sensor available for the Type 8905 online water analysis system

With the new sensor modules type MS08 and type MS09, our online water analysis system type 8905 can now also measure the SAC254 value (dissolved organic substances) and the nitrate content in the water. Both sensors are particularly suitable for your water analysis in drinking and process water treatment.

Sensors for SAC254 and nitrate measurement

Ever stricter regulations require compliance with limit values for certain water parameters in drinking water treatment. For example, the limit value for nitrate in drinking water across Europe is 50mg/l.

In addition, drinking water in areas with extensive agriculture and the associated use of fertilizers is increasingly contaminated with nitrate, which makes it increasingly difficult to comply with the currently applicable limit value. It is therefore all the more important to continuously monitor this water parameter, for example with our new sensor type MS09.

Slowly biodegradable compounds are also found in natural water, but also in drinking water and treated wastewater, e.g. lignins, tannins or humic substances. By using SAC254 sensors, such as our new type MS08, limit values for dissolved organic substances in the water can also be monitored, thus eliminating the last safety risks for consumers.

Optical absorption measurement

The new sensors type MS08 and type MS09 for SAC254- and nitrate monitoring use the principle of optical absorption measurement. The organic compounds dissolved in the water absorb specific wavelengths in the UV light spectrum. By measuring the absorption, algorithms can be used to determine the concentration of the substances in the water.

Type MS08: SAC254 measurement

The type MS08 sensor uses optical absorption measurement at 254 nm and 530 nm to compensate for turbidity and is implemented using 2 LEDs and a detector. In addition to the SAC254 and turbidity 530 values, the TOCeq, BODeq and CODeq values can also be measured using application-specific correlation.

Type MS08

SAC 254 sensor

Type MS08
  • UV absorption measurement at 254 nm
  • Monitoring of dissolved organics in drinking water
  • EDIP sensor: compatible with Type 8905/8906 measurement stations
  • UV LED technology for long-lasting sensors
  • Nano-coated glasses to reduce maintenance

Type MS09: Nitrate measurement

The sensor type MS09 uses a xenon flash light as the light source and can measure the nitrate content with reduced interference using three different detection channels. The nitrate content is determined at 212 nm, the organic matter at 254 nm and the turbidity at 360 nm. This makes the sensor insensitive to cross-influences in the water.

Type MS09

Nitrate sensor

Type MS09
  • UV photometer for nitrate monitoring
  • Reagent-free optical measurement
  • EDIP sensor: compatible with Type 8905/8906 measurement stations
  • Xenon flash lamp, 3 channels for optical measurement with reduced interference
  • Nano-coated glasses to reduce maintenance

A system for the automatic monitoring of all important water parameters on one platform

Water treatment is a demanding process. This applies in particular to drinking water, our most important food. When it comes to quality monitoring, “manual work” is still often involved.

With the online analysis system type 8905, on the other hand, the most important water parameters are measured fully automatically and continuously. In addition to measuring SAC254 and nitrate, other important parameters can also be monitored using type 8905:

✓ pH value
✓ Redox potential (ORP)
✓ Conductivity
✓ Chlorine & Chlorine dioxide
✓ Turbidity according to DIN EN ISO 7027
✓ Dissolved iron (FE2+)

The modular system can be adapted to your personal application requirements using various measuring cubes, so-called sensor cubes: All parameters in one compact measurement system or as a field unit.

Type 8905

Online water analysis system

Type 8905
  • Continuous analysis of drinking water and industrial process water
  • Based on the modular Bürkert cube and backplane technology
  • Fieldbus connection for versatile industrial communication
  • Fieldbus connection for versatile industrial communication, data exchange via mobile gateway
  • Extremely low-maintenance and long service life thanks to MEMS technology