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Bürkert @ ISPE 2019

Under the motto "DRIVE AND LEVERAGE INNOVATION FOR PHARMA", this year´s ISPE Europe Annual Conference is held in Dublin from 1st to 4th April.

From laboratory applications to process automation, from the product idea to the ready-for-serial-production process - we at Bürkert have been devoting a lot of time and energy to liquids and gases for decades. Thereby, we have acquired intimate knowledge of and significant insight into the pharmaceutical and biopharmaceutical environment.

In the world of hygiene, where compactness, plant footprints, cleaning and sterilisation, dead legs, cross-contamination, and validation are everyday concerns, we provide process efficiency and higher yields by offering unlimited possibilities.

One example of a customers solution we have created ist our pressure control solution for fermenter nitrogen blanketing which increases uptime for precious productivity whilst eliminating downtimes and maintenance.

We will certainly have plenty to talk about and look forward to interesting discussions with you. It's worth to have a look at table 27.