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Welcome to AACC 2015

Tiny. Featherlight. Super-fast. For the highest precision in the laboratory.

AACC WhisperValve Burkert

The AACC Annual Meeting & Clinical Lab Expo for clinical laboratory products and services will take place in Atlanta/Georgia (USA) from 26 – 30 July 2015. We will present not only our time-proven products and system solutions, but also our new WhisperValve. Its membrane ensures the highest chemical resistance and optimum flushability. It switches almost silently and faster than the flutter of a bee’s wings. This guarantees accurate dosage. Its internal volume of just five microliters puts an end to poor flow through corners. At just seven millimetres wide and one inch high, it’s no larger than a fingertip! Thus, it fits into the smallest equipment. Being light as a feather also makes it ideal for the use on pipetting arms.

Come and visit us at AACC, booth # 4726 – We are looking forward to welcoming you!