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Pressure & temperature sensors with CANopen (Types 8312, 8412) or IO-Link (8318, 8418) presented

Discover more about the advantages of our new sensor Types 8312, 8318, 8412 and 8418.

Pressure and temperature sensors have long been part of our sensor range.
In addition to the pressure and temperature sensors, which have outputs with analogue signals, such as 4...20 mA or direct pt100 signal, we now also offer sensors with digital CANopen and IO-Link communication interface:

Pressure sensors

•    Type 8312 (CANopen)        
•    Type 8318 (IO-Link)

Temperature sensors:

•    Type 8412 (CANopen)                
•    Type 8418 (IO-Link)

Why are these sensors a good choice?

High measurement accuracy and full resolution of the measuring signal

The measured values and the device status are transmitted digitally due to the communication standard. This leads to a higher resolution of the measured values, as conversion losses are avoided by eliminating the need for digital/analogue conversion or A/D conversion.

Simple device diagnostics thanks to data access

The programmable logic controller (PLC) can access device details at any time using the device status. This information helps, for example, when it comes to choosing the right time for maintenance. The cause of the error can also be determined quickly when identifying the actual error.

Simple integration in networks

The pressure and temperature sensors can be conveniently parameterised from a central location via remote access. Further, cables no longer need to be routed, connected or documented. This results in less planning and installation effort and the time required for start-up can be reduced significantly.

Your advantages at a glance

✓ Highest resolution of measured values thanks to digital data transfer
✓ Simple device diagnostics by transferring the device status
✓ Parameterisation via remote access
✓ Quick installation and start-up thanks to remote parameterisation and reduced cabling and wiring requirements

Discover more about our new pressure sensors with CANopen & IO-Link:

Drucksensoren Typ 8312 & Typ 8318

                                            Type 8312 (CANopen)                                       Type 8318 (IO-Link)
                  (Ceramic thick film variant | Metallic thin film variant)

Discover more about our new temperature sensors with CANopen & IO-Link:

Temperatursensoren Typ 8412 und Typ 8418

                                            Type 8412 (CANopen)                                       Type 8418 (IO-Link)