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Pressure controller Type 8763 for precise time pressure dosing in the µl range

Accurate pressure is crucial for time pressure dosing. Our new pressure controller Type 8763 has been developed specifically for this task. Learn more about its advantages.

Typ 8763

Be it for the process filling of very small quantities or for dosing applications in the field of in-vitro diagnostics and genetic research – the accurate control of pressure is crucial for time pressure dosing.

If dosing quantities are very small and the pressure differences between dosing cycles minimal, pressure control becomes a challenge.

To accomplish this task, we have developed a pressure controller that is particularly suitable for flow rates in the µlrange.

“Pressure controller Type 8763 fills the gap in our product portfolio for accurate time pressure dosing. It demonstrates its effectiveness particularly in combination with our fast-switching micro-valves, such as Type 6712, 6650 or 6724. This enables us to offer all the components for this application,” explains Michael Hartte, Product Manager Microfluidics.

Why accurate pressure is so important for time pressure dosing

The main task of the pressure controller is to keep the carrier gas pressure in the dosing tank at the correct level, as it has a direct influence on the dosing result.

Type 8763 is capable of actively increasing and decreasing the pressure to ensure the specified set point is maintained. This enables high repeatability and dosing of the process medium in a resource-friendly and cost-efficient manner – without any unnecessary consumption of the carrier gas.

Your advantages at a glance

✓ Repeatable and accurate dosing in the µl range
✓ Response time in milliseconds
✓ Active pressure relief through vent valve
✓ Resource-friendly use of the carrier gas

Variants & pressure ranges

The controller is available from the Bürkert eShop as an analogue and a digital variant (büS), with each boasting three pressure ranges:

Order online now and benefit from the advantages of the pressure controller Type 8763.