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Pneumatic rotary actuator Type 2053 for hygienic applications

The pneumatic rotary actuator Type 2053 enables the automated operation of ball valves and butterfly valves in hygienic environments. Discover more about the advantages.

With its compact and cylindrical design, the new Type 2053 complements the existing Bürkert rotary actuator portfolio.

Further, it is characterised, in particular, by a stainless steel housing and internal pilot air duct located between the control unit and the actuator. This makes it not only suitable for space-critical applications but, because of its easy-to-clean properties, also for use in many sectors, e.g. the food or pharmaceutical industry, where strict hygiene and cleanliness are paramount.

How the pneumatic actuator works

The pneumatic actuator Type 2053 enables the automated operation of ball valves and butterfly valves. In this case, a linear stroke movement of the actuator piston is deflected into a 90° rotary movement of the drive shaft.

With standard and ELEMENT interface

Thanks to the existing ISO 5211-compliant standard interface, common ball valves and butterfly valves can be connected directly to the actuator.

In addition, Type 2053 has an ELEMENT interface, making it compatible with Bürkert position controllers and control heads of the Type 8691, 8692, 8693 and 8694 series. It is therefore suitable for position sensing as well as for control applications within the scope of decentralised automation, e.g. flow control.

Your advantages at a glance

✓ ELEMENT interface enables decentralised automation
✓ Simple device integration due to standardised interface according to ISO 5211
✓ Ideal for hygienic and easy-to-clean applications thanks to the stainless steel housing
✓ Small footprint due to the compact design

Discover more about Type 2053 now.