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Our solutions learn to speak

How? With a digital type label! Gradually, our products will be marked with it and can be clearly identified, among other benefits. The Digital Data Chain Consortium (DDCC) offers communication on the topic.

Product information immediately available digitally. Away with piles of operating instructions and data sheets: the dream of every plant operator. This is precisely where DIN SPEC 91406 lays the foundation for the new industry standard. The aim is to clearly identify physical objects via a URL and to use it to make important data quickly and precisely accessible. This URL is attached to the objects by means of a “data matrix code” and can be read out with smartphones and the like. Your added value: Search efforts are reduced and processes are made efficient, which ultimately saves costs on all sides.

At Bürkert, we have also started to equip the first products with this globally distinctive code. So, Bürkert solutions can be clearly identified and all relevant product information is available with one click. All products are now gradually being converted to the new industry standard – a mammoth task that will occupy us for the next few years. And because such a task can be better solved together, we have been part of the Digital Data Chain Consortium (DDCC) since autumn 2021. This is a network of plant operators, technology suppliers and providers of technical services in the process industry. The cooperation is primarily about exchange, but at the same time work is also being done on the development of standards and platforms in order to jointly advance the topic of the “digital data chain” and to use synergy effects.