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New communication interface for control head Type 8681

In addition to AS-Interface & DeviceNet, our control head Type 8681 is now available with the Bürkert system bus (büS) / CANopen communication interface.

Control head Type 8681 with IO-Link or Bürkert system bus / CANopen interface

Due to the increasing digitisation of production processes, the demands placed on digital data exchange between process valves and the programmable logic controller (PLC) are growing all the time. Ever larger volumes of process, device and diagnostic data need to be transmitted to the superordinate controller.

To meet these requirements, our valve control head Type 8681 is now also available with the communication interface IO-Link or the Bürkert system bus (büS)/CANopen in addition to the variants with AS-i & DeviceNet.

Control heads are the links between the process valves at field level and the system control. As part of decentralised automation concepts, they handle all pneumatic control, feedback and diagnostic functions all the way to bus communication.

Your advantages thanks to our universal control head Type 8681

✓ Compatible with the majority of hygienic process valves
✓ Quick and easy configuration and connection of the device saves time
✓ Integrated diagnostic functions enable cost-efficient maintenance intervals
✓ Fast device replacement for service and plant maintenance activities
✓ Easy start-up and cabling

Compatible with many standard valve types

The control head Type 8681 is universally adaptable and can be combined with most standard valve types for hygiene-critical areas, e.g. butterfly valves, ball valves as well as single-seated and double-seated valves.

Simple planning of maintenance intervals

The programmable diagnostic functions allow maintenance requirements, such as limit values for the number of switching cycles or operating hours, to be defined specifically for the automated process valve and managed by the control head. As such, the maintenance intervals of your valves can be optimised and unplanned system downtime avoided.

Easy to integrate into existing fieldbus and automation systems

Thanks to the new interface, Type 8681 can be easily integrated into all common automation and fieldbus systems. Standard cables and M12 push-in connectors are used for cabling, thereby making the control heads quick and easy to install - without the risk of wiring errors.

Now optimise data exchange between process valves and the control level with our control heads Type 8681 with IO-Link.

Type 8681

Control head for decentralized automation of hygienic process valves

Type 8681
  • Universal attachment for hygienic process valves
  • Contactless position measurement system with 3 switching points (Teach-In function)
  • Coloured status display
  • Manual override operative with closed housing
  • AS-Interface, IO-Link, büS/CANopen

Also available as a Bürkert system bus variant

Besides IO-Link, AS-Interface and DeviceNet, the control head Type 8681 is now also available with the büS communication interface. This interface enables the control heads to communicate with each other and with all other büS-capable devices. This means that your systems can be planned and maintained easily.  

Integration in industrial Ethernet networks is possible thanks to the ME43 gateway

In the wake of Industry 4.0, Industrial Ethernet is becoming increasingly popular. By combining büS/CANopen with the gateway Type ME43 the advantages of industrial Ethernet communication can even be used in devices without an integrated industrial Ethernet interface. This ensures simple and cost-effective integration of process valves into your automation system.

Are you ready for Industry 4.0? Discover more about the connection options of our control head Type 8681 with büS/CANopen.