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Mass Flow Meter / Controller Type 8756 with Coriolis sensor for liquids

Media-independent measurement and control of the smallest quantities of liquid with the Coriolis Mass Flow Meter / Controller Type 8756.

The Coriolis Mass Flow Meter / Controller Type 8756 is a compact and robust multi-parameter device. Besides flow measurements, it is possible to measure density and temperature at the same time. As a result, Type 8756 is suitable for use in numerous applications, e.g. dosing flavours or fragrances in the food and beverage industry, micro reaction technology or thin film coating technology (Chemical Vapour Deposition – CVD).

The Coriolis measurement principle

Type 8756 utilises the Coriolis measurement principle. This is based on the continuous measurement of the phase shift of tube oscillation due to the medium flowing through it. The phase shift is proportional to the mass of the medium and is converted into a flow signal.

Precise, media independent measurement

Compared to other measuring principles, such as electromagnetic measurement or paddle wheel flow measurement, flow measurement based on the Coriolis principle is media independent and allows you to even measure high-density aggressive liquids with a viscosity of up to 200 mPas.

Thanks to the wide measuring/setting range and the stable zero point, the MFM/MFC is particularly suitable for the reliable and repeatable measurement of the smallest quantities of liquid.

The advantages of our Coriolis MFC at a glance

✓ Highest level of accuracy (± 0.2% of measured value ± 0.0014 kg/h)
✓ Reliable processes thanks to high zero-point stability of the sensor
✓ Media-independent calibration due to Coriolis measurement technology

Discover more about your advantages with our new Coriolis MFC Type 8756.