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Bürkert presents new device platform EDIP

After mechanical production systems were established worldwide, followed by mass production and process automation, the concept of “Industry 4.0” stands for the consistent digital orientation of industrial processes. With the introduction of the new device platform EDIP (Efficient Device Integration Platform) Bürkert opens the door to intelligent networking of its products. This platform comprises numerous functions, compatible HMI devices and other innovative services to facilitate the system integration of new devices.

Based on almost 70 years’ experience in the field of fluidics, Bürkert – with the introduction of the device platform EDIP – will meet the increasing market demand for electric integration solutions. While the number of signals remains manageable in view of the combination of several valve functions, the quantity of information increases significantly with the integration of sensors. With competence in solenoid valve technology and expansion in the direction of solenoid valves, measuring and control technology, Bürkert in 1996 launched the first mass flow meters (MFM) and mass flow controllers (MFC) for gases, which on a small scale represent the ideal combination of valve and sensor technology. In the future, the new device platform EDIP will standardise the control, communication and interfaces of many process devices. The platform consists essentially of three pillars: communication, software and hardware.