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Bürkert @ analytica 2022

Visit us from June 21-24, 2022 at booth A1.307 and learn about a variety of ways to optimize your analysis process.

We are your partner for system solutions in the fields of life science, process & environmental analysis

We understand the growing demands on tomorrow's analytical technology, process monitoring, documentation, reliability and accuracy. Our dosing solutions use unique sensor technology and are thus able to dose liquid volumes of just a few nl in a closed control loop - digital communication and documentation included.

Bring your challenge to analytica.
We look forward to talking to you in person!

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Please observe the Covid rules in force at the time of the fair. 

This is what you can expect at our booth:

Analytica 2022 Solutions
  • Dosing components such as valves and sensors
  • Compact valve manifolds
  • Open loop systems
  • Highly integrated, customized closed-loop systems

Do you already know our system houses, where customer-specific solutions are created together with you - our customers?

At Bürkert, we develop individual solutions for you from coordinated components - creatively, quickly and economically. In our five system houses worldwide, you can expect well-coordinated project teams and cross-industry synergy effects. Perhaps your customized fluid management solution will soon be created under this roof.

Type 6650

2/2 way Flipper-Solenoid Valve with separating diaphragm

Type 6650
  • Only 4.5 mm wide
  • Medium isolation, for aggressive fluids
  • Direct-acting
  • Vacuum up to 7 bar
  • Short response times

Type 6724

2/2 or 3/2-way Whisper Valve with media separation

Type 6724
  • Highest chemical resistance
  • Compact design with 8.9 mm installation width
  • DN 0.8 mm (vacuum up to 5 bar) and 1.2 mm (vacuum up to 3 bar)
  • Very fast, almost silent switching with < 20 dB (A) and very low power consumption
  • High back-pressure tightness, excellent cleanability and 100% duty cycle

Type 8098

FLOWave SAW flowmeter

Type 8098
  • No obstacles inside the measuring tube, compact, lightweight and low energy consumption
  • Conforms to hygienic requirements, CIP/SIP compatible
  • Ideal for liquids with low or no conductivity
  • Digital communication, parameterisation via Communicator, display
  • Optional: ATEX/IECEx certification, II 3G/D

Type 8742

Mass flow controller (MFC)/ mass flow meter (MFM) for gases

Type 8742
  • Nominal flow ranges from 0.010 l/min to 160 l/min
  • Highest measuring accuracy and repeatability with very fast response times
  • Long-term stability of the flow calibration
  • Easy device exchange due to configuration memory
  • Optional: ATEX II Cat. 3G/D or USP Class VI, FDA, EC 1935 conformity

Type 8756

Mass flow controller (MFC)/mass flow meter (MFM) for liquids

Type 8756
  • Flow measurement/control up to 120 kg/h
  • Very high accuracy and measuring range
  • High long-term stability, no zero-point adjustment necessary
  • Highly resistant wetted materials
  • Suitable for numerous liquids

Type ME44

I/O module, IP 20

Type ME44
  • Configurable input and output modules for analogue and digital signals
  • Integrated diagnostic possibilities such as wire break, short circuit detection
  • Installation and disassembly without tools
  • Colour-coded push-in connectors to avoid wiring errors
  • Available modules: 8DI, 8DO, 4AI, 4AO, 8DO – Liquid Dosing Open Loop


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