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Bürkert @ Interphex 2017

The premier pharmaceutical, biotechnology, medical device development and manufacturing event INTERPHEX will open its doors in New York from 21st March to 23rd March 2017.

Bürkert has intimate knowledge of and significant insight into the pharmaceutical and medical environment. In the world of hygiene, where compactness, plant footprints, cleaning and sterilisation, dead legs, cross-contamination and validation are everyday concerns, we provide process efficiency and higher yields by offering unlimited possibilities.

One highlight on our booth will be our FLOWave – a flowmeter using Surface Acoustic Waves technology which, amongst other advantages, reduces dead  spaces in the measuring tube.

Another topic we will focus on is our Tube Valve Body – a hydroformed tube body for diaphragm valves which is more  efficient and environmentally  friendly than any other diaphragm valve technology.

A CIP Skid will demonstrate our further hygienic control package offering as well as our cabinet building and process actuation capabilities.

Want to know more?
Come and visit us in booth 3553 – We look forward to welcoming you!

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