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Bürkert @ Achema Pulse - review

For two lively trade show days, the first digital Achema was the industry‘s focus. Did you miss the online event or would you like to learn more about certain trade fair highlights in more detail? You can find all the content here.

In our live streams, workshops and expert chats, we held numerous conversations with visitors to the trade show. Whether reproducible fermentation or new possibilities in flow measurement: We have prepared profitable topics from the world of topics from the world of fluidics..

Learn more about our four trade show highlights:

1 / Fermentation

Which solutions do you use to make your fermentation process safe and reproducible?

2 / Coriolis

What standards does the new flowmeter with Coriolis sensor set?

3 / Chromatography

Solutions for continuous chromatography – a project with YMC Process Technologies

Learn more here: ACHEMA Pulse Website 

4 / Industrial communication

How do you increase process reliability with easy-to-integrate digital process automation solutions?

Lear more here: ACHEMA Pulse Website 

Applications at ACHEMA Pulse 2021 – Digital Edition

At Bürkert, we specialize in the measurement, control and regulation of liquids and gases. For the fascinating and challenging world of fluids, we offer state-of-the-art solutions that help you work more productively and safely.

To ensure that everything flows as it should in your daily laboratory or production routine, you can find out more about selected applications here:

1 / Coriolis principle

For example, how to dose even the smallest quantities of liquid using the Coriolis principle.

2 / Fermentation processes

Your reproducible fermentation processes are supported by our mass flow controllers with precise, repeatable gas control.

3 / Water quality

When it comes to water quality, absolute purity is critical. This application shows you how to avoid turbidity and discoloration or how to monitor the iron content in raw water. This application shows how to avoid turbidity and discoloration or monitor the iron content in raw water.

4 / Liquid chromatography

For precise media separation in liquid chromatography, our components simplify smooth production.

Precise media separation in liquid chromatographyPrecise media separation in liquid chromatography

For you as a pharmaceutical products manufacturer, production processes must be robust, efficient and safe. The aim is to reduce plant downtimes as effectively as possible and to process your valuable raw materials with as little residue and cross-contamination as possible.

Find out here how Bürkert can support you with energy-efficient valves and demand-oriented automation concepts for safe and smooth production, for example in liquid chromatography or high-performance liquid chromatography (HPLC).

5 / Process automation

Whether you want to control your plant decentrally or prefer distributed automation: We offer a wide range of solutions to support your process automation effectively.

6 / Chemical disinfection

In chemical disinfection, the right dosage counts - and the process must be monitored and documented in accordance with hygiene must be monitored and documented.

Precise hydrogen peroxide dosage in chemical disinfectionPrecise hydrogen peroxide dosage in chemical disinfection

It is crucial to exclude contamination during the production of pharmaceutical products. Chemical disinfection processes play an important role in this regard. But how do you dose the disinfectant correctly, ensuring the disinfection process runs efficiently and reliably? And how do you monitor and document the process in view of increasingly strict hygiene regulations? Discover how Bürkert can help you achieve reliable and efficient chemical disinfection.

7 / Gas control system in laboratory analyzers

An intelligent gas control system in your laboratory analyzers reduces your logistics and service costs.

8 / Flow measurement

And finally, optimal flow measurement in ultrapure water and clean-in-place helps to ensure the quality of your pharmaceutical

Ensure the quality of your pharmaceutical product with the help of optimum flow measurements in ultrapure water and Clean in Place applicationsEnsure the quality of your pharmaceutical product with the help of optimum flow measurements in ultrapure water and Clean in Place applications

In pharmaceutical production, safe processes are the key to guaranteeing safe drugs. Bürkert’s innovative FLOWave flowmeter helps you meet hygienic safety standards while increasing productivity in Clean in Place and ultrapure water applications.

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