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Typical Bürkert – undertaking tasks on one’s own initiative and also working closely with others to deal with interesting challenges.

Bürkert is characterized by togetherness. Close cooperation across various departments and levels is part of everyday working life at Bürkert. 

Lena Braun and Jürgen Renninger (Systemhaus | Development)

 "I enjoy this freedom of being able to work creatively and on my own initiative on ideas and solutions, alongside my usual tasks of dealing with customer queries. Even if this does not always result in a concrete customer order." (Jürgen Renninger)

Lena Braun and Jürgen Renninger represent two different generations at Bürkert – but that’s where the differences end. Because at the Systemhaus in Criesbach, they work together on developing customer-specific solutions and do so in a demonstrably creative, quick and reliable manner. Here, Lena Braun assumes the role of project manager and Jürgen Renninger the role of developer, sometimes it’s the other way around, depending on the particular customer order.

As with all employees at Bürkert, Lena Braun and Jürgen Renninger are encouraged to take on responsibility and are also free to shape their respective role on their own initiative. This allows people to work as equals. A type of cooperation characterized by support, respect and appreciation, and also fun.

“Routine tasks” are not very common for Lena Braun and Jürgen Renninger. They expect a rich variety of exciting challenges day in, day out, which give them insights into many different sectors and applications. They can then apply the knowledge they acquire to other areas. This way together they continuously strive to find optimal solutions for new tasks at Bürkert.