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Bürkert promotes a good balance between work and family life.

Lots is done at Bürkert to ensure that employees can find the right work/life balance. Family friendliness is not just a buzzword at management level, but a practised reality.

Mirjam Schneider

Project & Process Management

 "The balance between work and family is a learning process. You live in constant conflict of wanting to give 100% to everything. But the trust Bürkert gives makes it easier."

Mirjam Schneider has been a manager at Bürkert for 12 years – and a mother for nine. But she’s never had to worry about choosing between her career and her family. Thanks to Bürkert, she can adjust her workload depending on the situation. If Mirjam Schneider is needed urgently at home, Bürkert allows her to adjust her workload accordingly.

Together with her team, Mirjam Schneider is responsible for the areas of project and process management at Bürkert. The team develops the methods for how Bürkert would like to work in process and project management, and also trains and advises users accordingly.

Bürkert gives employees like Mirjam Schneider plenty of freedom so that they can find the right balance between career and family. However, she is also given the responsibility of organising and structuring her work in such a way that she contributes to achieving the corporate goals. The many concrete family-friendly measures, such as flexible working hours and the option of working from home, have proven to be very helpful. However, Bürkert’s philosophy of treating its employees as people and supporting them in all the different phases of life is crucial here.